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Landmark UK-Israeli agreement to boost mutual cybersecurity development, tackle shared threats

The 2030 Roadmap for Israel-UK Bilateral Relations promises ongoing cooperation in tackling cyberthreats, governing global cyberspace, developing cybersecurity skills, and investing in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

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UK bans TikTok on government devices over data security fears

The UK has joined international partners in banning social media app TikTok from government electronic devices over concerns the Chinese-owned app could pose a security risk.

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When and how to report a breach to the SEC

Publicly traded companies will have to make decisions and prepare for the reporting of cybersecurity breaches to the Securities and Exchange Commission when new requirements are enacted.

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Russian hacktivist group targets India’s health ministry

The Phoenix group claims to have access to all hospital systems in India and information on hospital employees and chief physicians.

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Cybercriminals target SVB customers with BEC and cryptocurrency scams

Security researchers have found that threat actors have already registered domains and pages to carry out the attacks.

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Trustwave teams up with Trellix for better managed security

Cybersecurity companies Trustwave and Trellix say they want to help end users simplify their systems in the face of a complicated threat environment.

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Universities and colleges cope silently with ransomware attacks

Ransomware gangs like Vice Society target colleges and universities like every other sector, but they try hard to keep that information quiet.

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CISA funding to top $3 billion under Biden's FY 2024 budget

President Biden's FY2024 budget increases CISA's budget to over $3 billion and boosting spending on several cyber initiatives.

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How CISOs can do more with less in turbulent economic times

If you think cybersecurity is recession-proof, think again. The time is now to trim waste and streamline risk management.

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Tracking device technology: A double-edged sword for CISOs

Tracking devices are a boon to organizations with vast logistical operations and anyone who has ever lost a set of car keys. But trackers can also be a nightmare for cybersecurity, opening up a whole new world of opportunity for...

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Municipal CISOs grapple with challenges as cyber threats soar

Municipal CISOs grapple with challenges as they become targets for nation-state threat actors, cope with regulations, and pursue funding from resource-constrained governments.

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White House releases an ambitious National Cybersecurity Strategy

The Biden administration's National Cybersecurity Strategy calls for more regulation on critical infrastructure providers and holds software providers accountable for their insecure products.

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Economic pressures are increasing cybersecurity risks; a recession would amp them up more

Insider threats and the rate of successful attacks coupled with corporate cost-cutting efforts have historically hurt cybersecurity programs — and would likely do so again.

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US warns of cyberattacks by Russia on anniversary of Ukraine war

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an advisory about stepped-up Russian 'disruptive' actions right after Ukraine detected a cyberattack on government websites.

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7 reasons to avoid investing in cyber insurance

Increasing complexity within the cyber insurance market is raising questions over its viability as a business investment. Here are 7 reasons why an organization may be advised to avoid or delay investing in insurance.

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Open Systems launches Ontinue MDR division, new MXDR service Ontinue ION

Ontinue ION promises faster detection and response, deeper understanding of customer’s environments, and the ability to maximize Microsoft security investments.

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Yes, CISOs should be concerned about the types of data spy balloons can intercept

The Chinese airship that floated over the US and Canada was likely a multipurpose intelligence platform, gathering a variety of information types. It could gather data from corporate, government, or agricultural sources on the ground....

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What CISOs need to know about the renewal of FISA Section 702

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act sets out the rules for the US intelligence community around gathering information abroad—but is it inadvertently being used at home too?

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