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ransomware breach hackers dark web

ransomware breach hackers dark web

5 years after NotPetya: Lessons learned

NotPetya vastly broadened the scope of damage that malware attacks could do and forced CISOs and security researchers to rethink their approach.


How Microsoft Purview can help with ransomware regulatory compliance

Microsoft's renamed compliance portal provides guidance and rule-setting capability to help comply with ransomware and other security and privacy requirements.

A multitude of arrows pierce a target. [numerous attacks / quantity / severity]

APT actor ToddyCat hits government and military targets in Europe and Asia

The previously undocumented APT group has been targeting high-profile organizations in Asia and Europe for over a year.

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Cato Networks offers new capability for network-based ransomware protection

New machine learning algorithms scan server traffic to detect and eliminate ransomware attacks across Cato's customer network.

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Cryptojacking explained: How to prevent, detect, and recover from it

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of a computer to mine cryptocurrency. Here’s how it works, why it's so popular with criminal hackers, and what you can do to stop it.

Computerworld > Microsoft OneDrive / Microsoft SharePoint

Ransomware could target OneDrive and SharePoint files by abusing versioning configurations

A proof-of-concept exploit could make Office 365 or Microsoft 365 documents stored on OneDrive or SharePoint inaccessible.

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Nebulon bakes bare-metal Linux ransomware protection into the bootloader

The newest releases of Nebulon’s ImmutableBoot and TimeJump backup systems boast 'reboot-to-recover' functionality for Linux systems.

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New peer-to-peer botnet Panchan hijacks Linux servers

The botnet built by the platform-independent worm malware currently enables cryptomining.

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Ransomware attacks are increasing with more dangerous hybrids ahead

The re-emergence of REvil and anticipated convergence with business email compromise actors are among reasons why ransomware gangs are still dangerous.

CSO  >  What is a computer virus?

9 types of computer virus and how they do their dirty work

From macro viruses and boot sector viruses to droppers and packers, here’s a look at 9 common virus types, what they do, and the function they perform for attackers.

2 linux malware scarier

Hackers using stealthy Linux backdoor Symbiote to steal credentials

Symbiote is deployed as a shared object that can inject itself into existing processes, making it difficult to detect.

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11 infamous malware attacks: The first and the worst

Whether by dumb luck or ruthless skill, these malware attacks left their mark on the internet.

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How the Colonial Pipeline attack has changed cybersecurity

On the one-year anniversary of the Colonial Pipeline attack, industry insiders reflect on the event's effect on cybersecurity practice and perception.

locked data / bitcoins

How the Russia-Ukraine war makes ransomware payments harder

The war in Ukraine has increased sanctions against paying ransom demands to cybercriminal groups and cryptocurrency intermediaries based in Russia.

locked data / bitcoins

Ransomware roundup: System-locking malware dominates headlines

From a new ransomware group that demands donations instead of cryptocurrency to the possible resurgence of an infamous gang, these are the stories that caught the attention of infosec pros.

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Logic bomb attacks: 4 famous examples

A logic bomb is malicous code that waits for the right time or the right opportunity to strike.

ransomware breach hackers dark web

Conti ransomware explained: What you need to know about this aggressive criminal group

The Conti ransomware group is less likely to help victims restore encrypted files and more likely to leak exfiltrated data.

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How Costa Rica found itself at war over ransomware

Costa Rica failed to implement the cyber-preparedness strategy that it laid out five years ago and now serves as an example not only to other Latin American nations but also to the world.

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