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security automation robot protects defends from attack intrusion breach

Review: BluVector enables machines to protect themselves

With machine learning that gets smarter and more network-aware over time, BluVector can tip the scales back in favor of defenders.

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6 ways hackers will use machine learning to launch attacks

Machine learning algorithms will improve security solutions, helping human analysts triage threats and close vulnerabilities quicker. But they are also going to help threat actors launch bigger, more complex attacks.

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Top 5 cybersecurity questions for the CISO in 2018

CISOs face many challenges as they plan for 2018. These five questions will help guide strategic discussions in a demanding year ahead.

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5 top machine learning use cases for security

Machine learning will make sense of the security threats your organization faces and help your staff focus on more valuable, strategic tasks. It could also be the answer to the next WannaCry.

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8 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2018

New challenges and threats will face IT departments in the year ahead.

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Can machine learning be used to shore up cyber defenses?

Deep learning can be a vital supplementary tool for cybersecurity.

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How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be force multipliers for under-staffed security teams needing to respond faster and more effectively to cyber threats.

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5 security automation playbooks that pack a powerful punch

Can these five simple "utility playbooks" for security automation provide as much value as their larger, more complex counterparts?

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How AI can stop tomorrow's malware threats today

New AI-based security takes the malware fight to the attackers.

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Protect and serve: fraud fighting finds a partner in machine learning

Machine learning is proving to be a valuable tool when it comes to balancing security vs. user experience.

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Why FireEye’s Helix matters to security professionals

Its Sandbox will be the core product for FireEye into the foreseeable future, but Helix will be an important adjacent market for the company and its customers. Here's why.

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How AI could be helpful for humans instead of being a replacement

Artificial Intelligence is immensely surfacing the online media as a factor overtaking humans into the industries. But, is it a beneficial progress for an industry or not? There could be many advantages of AI but as an assisting tool...

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AI, ML – is it all just BS?

Terms like AI and ML have burst onto the security scene. Do these technologies really live up to the hype or are they just the latest in a series of new buzzwords?

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Why should enterprises care about intent-based networking? | Tech Talk Ep 1, Pt 2

The panelists break down Cisco's intent-based networking strategy, which brings machine learning to the networking realm. Plus, they hash out the ramifications for the security industry.

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Next generation firewalls to become last generation firewalls

While next-generation firewalls remain a critical component in a business’ security solution, hackers have moved to new attacks in order to evade them. Combining the newer attack vectors with artificial intelligence and machine...

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The self-driving car of security automation

What can cybersecurity learn from self-driving cars? How does intelligent automation benefit both?

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Here's why the scanners on VirusTotal flagged Hello World as harmful

Last week, on August 10, a security researcher who goes by the handle "zerosum0x0" posted an interesting image to Twitter, it was the code behind a debug build of an executable. The code was 'Hello World' – the training example used...

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How artificial intelligence fits into cybersecurity

Ask these questions to help distinguish between a promising machine learning technology and a marketing hype.

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