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New Tor-powered backdoor program targets Macs

Security researchers have found a new backdoor program that allows attackers to hijack Mac systems and control them over the Tor network.

Welcome to the club OS X users: First Mac-targeting ransomware detected in the wild

Researchers warned that the first OS X ransomware was included in the BitTorrent Transmission client; it was signed by a valid Apple digital certificate.

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FBI, keep out! How to encrypt everything

Encryption is a vital self-defense tool, so here's how to enable it on all your devices and computers running the major OSes

IoT data challenges

Review: 7 data recovery tools for every data disaster

From resurrecting lost photos to recovering RAID arrays, these utilities can bring your data back from the dead

Mac Trojan linked to Syrian Electronic Army shuttered

Apple's popular image of being immune from malware has fired up hacker interest in the platform in recent times

How to track a lost computer with Find My Mac

If your computer is stolen or otherwise liberated from your possession, don't despair: If you've remembered to enable Find My Mac, you can track it, remotely lock it, and even send messages to your Mac's screen. You may have already...

URL detection flaw causes OS X apps to crash

Over the weekend, reports of a rather curious OS X bug were reported with a mixture of amusement and surprise. Affecting only recent versions of Mountain Lion--including, according to some reports, as-yet unreleased betas of the...

Hackers increasingly aim for cross-platform vulnerabilities

A Microsoft security researcher says malware makers seek 'economies of scale'

In first, Apple issues Java update in sync with Oracle

Normally 'many, many months' behind, which left 650,000 Macs in lurch with Flashback infections and no fix available

Will Flashback hurt Macs in the enterprise?

Probably not -- at least not right now, say security experts

Less than half of Mac owners have anti-virus software installed

Macworld poll: Only 2.4 per cent of Mac owners have discovered a Mac virus on their machine

New Mac OS X Trojan discovered

Sabpab exploits same Java vulnerability as Flashback

Remains of the Day: Starck contrast

A noted French designer is isn't working on a project for Apple. Tim Cook definitely may have visited the offices of a prominent video game company. And Amazon offers a ton a decent number of streaming titles. The remainders for...

Malware wake-up call for Mac users

The Flashback threat represents new phase in Mac malware -- one that follows the surging popularity of the Mac platform

Opinion: You are the biggest security risk to your Mac

We all need to use anti-virus, but above all we need to use our common sense

The Macalope Weekly: Living in denial

It's a terrible thing to live in denial. If the Winotaur had an ounce of self-awareness he could tell you. Google's also living in denial if it thinks we're putting its dorky glasses on to watch their ads. And get ready for this...

Security experts: 600,000+ estimate of Mac botnet likely on target

Researchers from several security firms say the unparalleled Mac infection is real

600,000 Infected Macs Found In Botnet

More than 56 percent of the infected computers are in the U.S., according to Dr. Web, a Russian antivirus vendor.

Apple to Ban Stealthy IPhone Contact Data Harvesting

Promises update to iOS after Congress asks about apps that grab address book without permission

Apple Updates Lion, Patches 51 Bugs in Mac OS X

But some users report every app crashes after 10.7.3 is installed

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