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A magnifying lens examines top secret information amid binary code.


The five best Kubernetes security practices

Everyone is moving to containers for their programs, and to manage them, almost everyone is using Kubernetes. That leads to one big problem: How do you secure Kubernetes itself?

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Linux GRUB2 bootloader flaw breaks Secure Boot on most computers and servers

The vulnerability can also affect Windows systems. A patch is available, but will require manual testing and deployment.

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Kali Linux explained: A pentester’s toolkit

Kali Linux is the most popular penetration testing Linux distro, and jam packed with almost every offensive security tool you can think of.

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How to use the ls command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how to use the ls command. The ls command is one of the most basic commands. It’s used to list files and it has some very useful options.

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How to use the ssh keygen command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how to use the ssh-keygen command. It’s used to create a set of public/private keys that you can use in place of passwords to either log into a system or run commands remotely.

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How to background a process: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how you can move a running task into the background and what that means. Once you use the bg command, you have the ability to run other commands.

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How to use the lsof command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how to use the lsof (list open files) command. To properly list all open files, you should use sudo. Otherwise you’re likely to run into a lot of Permission Denied warnings.

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How to use apparmor: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn about apparmor. It’s a security module that runs by default on certain Linux systems – like newer Ubuntu and Debian. Apparmor enforces restrictions using file system paths while SELinux applies security labels...

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How to use the wget command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn the wget command. It makes downloading pages from web sites – even recursively – very easy. Keep in mind that this command downloads whatever html code defines the page.

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How to use the du command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look at the du command that reports on disk usage – whether individual files or directories.

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How to use the split command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look at the split command that breaks files into pieces --according to your instructions if you like -- and gives the pieces sequential names.

What it takes to become an information assurance analyst

This in-demand role calls for a rare combination of superior communication skills and security chops. Learn how one information assurance analyst landed his current job, the skills and training that helped him get there, and where his...

Fraud prevention: Improving internal controls

Internal fraud controls aren't fire-and-forget. Smart collaboration and ongoing improvement will help keep fraud in check. Here are the basics.

information security 2

How to write an information security policy

Learn the critical first step, why consensus is key, what to cover and how make your information security policy — and program — effective.

Red team versus blue team: How to run an effective simulation

Playing the role of an attacker can make your team better at defense. Learn how in our step-by-step guide to war gaming your security infrastructure — from involving the right people to weighing a hypothetical vs. live event.

How to survive (and thrive) in the CISO hot seat

The CISO role is more varied and more pressure-filled than ever. CSO Online looks at how you can be successful in a post where security incidents and management feuds can cost you your job.

Special report: platforms play big in the cloud

This latest report in our C-Suite 360 series takes a full-spectrum look at the opportunities and risks in cloud computing, offering up the expert information your organization needs to set its cloud strategy.

Research report: IT security's looming tipping point

Even as security draws board-level attention, many IT professionals give their organizations’ infosec practices low marks. This special report from CIO, CSO and Computerworld reveals how to tip the balance in the right direction.

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