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Charter Communications, who can you trust?

Charter Communications, its union, its customers and the New York attorney general all are experiencing trust issues.

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Insider threat legalese

Understanding your lawyer’s perspective on insider threats...and three suggestions to help start the conversation.

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Key articles in the GDPR for the enterprise

Major data breaches are on the rise and information law is rising in response. The GDPR is perhaps the most prominent example of this shift to a more customer-centric data protection ideology.

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Alternative communications planning and cybersecurity incident response

Cyberattacks can happen for a whole variety of reasons. No company is entirely safe. And these days, when digital communication is so vital to the basic operations of a company, incorporating a messaging strategy that takes into...

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I’m using the public cloud, should I care about GDPR?

GDPR says you should care, but how you should go about it remains murky at best.

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Regulation is the best hope for IoT security – imagine that!

Far from stifling technological innovation, regulation could in fact create lucrative new opportunities for security vendors.

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How to avoid security assessment cost overruns

Tips on mitigating the risks posed by third-party security assessment engagements.

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GDPR is not just a regulatory framework. It’s also a moral and existential blueprint

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is a genuine renaissance for data protection – and not just for EU, but for all humanity.

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Take a cue from Europe on making GDPR work

GDPR compliance is not a customer-service proposition. To better understand GDPR, U.S. companies should adopt a European mindset.

3 legal law books

The year ahead in cybersecurity law

Major legal cases and proposed state and federal legislation this year will shape how companies respond to and attempt to mitigate cybersecurity and data privacy risks.

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GDPR turbocharges identity and access management spending

Thanks to the GDPR, the identity and access management (IAM) market is predicted to reach $16 billion by 2022.

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Uber data breach – an insurance case study for directors and officers

When we evaluate the merits of what actually took place, we will see an interesting scenario develop that could directly impact Uber’s board of directors.

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Equifax now hit with a rare 50-state class-action lawsuit

This rare 50-state class-action suit against Equifax, highlights the massive costs and critical damage companies could face in the wake of a cybersecurity attack.

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Paradise Papers: Data leak shines a light on the monies of the elite

Whether a hack or an insider leak, the 13.4 million records in the Paradise Papers detail the investments of offshore law firms and corporate investment firms.

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6 tips for drafting better statements of work

You can draft the most protective contract in the world, but if the statement of work (SOW) fails to adequately describe the deliverables, projects can fail.

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Legal incentives for spying on employees

Monitoring employees is an uncomfortable issue for most companies and no one wants to be viewed as Big Brother. While everyone wants to trust employees, the decision to monitor must be made within the context of current regulatory and...

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Industrial espionage in Finland — sometimes crime does pay

Six years after the incident, 10 trusted insiders were convicted of industrial espionage but received only suspended sentences and fines.

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What can my cloud provider do with my data?

Lack of specificity regarding cloud vendors' rights to use customer data presents a significant risk in the majority of cloud services agreements. This article discusses two of the most critical issues presented by this risk and...

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Trump signs bill into law allowing warrantless searches in parts of VA, MD and DC

Text buried in a bill Trump signed into law reportedly means the government can enter and search private property without a warrant in parts of Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

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U.K. to prosecute online hate crime as seriously as offline hate crime

The U.K. is cracking down on hate crime that is committed online, telling prosecutors to treat online hate crime the same as hate crime committed offline.

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