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Uber headquarters office San Francisco

Uber data breach – an insurance case study for directors and officers

When we evaluate the merits of what actually took place, we will see an interesting scenario develop that could directly impact Uber’s board of directors.

Equifax logo with keyboard lock and credit cards

Equifax now hit with a rare 50-state class-action lawsuit

This rare 50-state class-action suit against Equifax, highlights the massive costs and critical damage companies could face in the wake of a cybersecurity attack.

Dollar signs digital readout cash money

Paradise Papers: Data leak shines a light on the monies of the elite

Whether a hack or an insider leak, the 13.4 million records in the Paradise Papers detail the investments of offshore law firms and corporate investment firms.

Man in suit signing contract planning strategizing

6 tips for drafting better statements of work

You can draft the most protective contract in the world, but if the statement of work (SOW) fails to adequately describe the deliverables, projects can fail.

digital data surveillance eye with Windows logo

Legal incentives for spying on employees

Monitoring employees is an uncomfortable issue for most companies and no one wants to be viewed as Big Brother. While everyone wants to trust employees, the decision to monitor must be made within the context of current regulatory and...

bmw m2 coupe wheel

Industrial espionage in Finland — sometimes crime does pay

Six years after the incident, 10 trusted insiders were convicted of industrial espionage but received only suspended sentences and fines.

uploading to cloud diagram

What can my cloud provider do with my data?

Lack of specificity regarding cloud vendors' rights to use customer data presents a significant risk in the majority of cloud services agreements. This article discusses two of the most critical issues presented by this risk and...

ermergency reponse siren

Trump signs bill into law allowing warrantless searches in parts of VA, MD and DC

Text buried in a bill Trump signed into law reportedly means the government can enter and search private property without a warrant in parts of Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

rage hate speech troll

U.K. to prosecute online hate crime as seriously as offline hate crime

The U.K. is cracking down on hate crime that is committed online, telling prosecutors to treat online hate crime the same as hate crime committed offline.

cyber justice internet law

DOJ demands 1.3 million IP addresses of visitors to Trump protest site

DreamHost is fighting the government's search warrant to identify who visited an anti-Trump site, saying the warrant violates privacy laws and the Fourth Amendment.

NAIC Summer 2017 Cybersecurity Working Group

Mandating privacy safeguards for the insurance sector

Insurance applications – privacy requirements ahead.

10 fbi

Ghosts in the machine

On May 19, 1996, Leslie Isben Rogge become the first person on the 10 Most Wanted List to be apprehended due to the Internet. The FBI hasn’t been the same since.

target ciso primary

The Target data breach settlement sets a low bar for industry security standards

The multistate settlement over the 2013 Target data breach outlines the kind of security measures enterprises should have in order to not be found negligent with customer data. The problem is, the settlement doesn’t go far enough to...

tablet with skull and crossbones cybersecurity

Cyber insurance forum

How the dynamics of "cyber risk perception" are actually flawed.

08 lawsuit

Stopping trade secret theft in your organization, part 2

A brief primer on trade secret law for security professionals.

Facebook headquarters

Facebook hit with maximum fine for breaking French privacy law

The French data protection watchdog has imposed its harshest penalty on Facebook for six breaches of French privacy law.

Intel logo

Intel concerned about name of John McAfee’s privacy phone

Intel has told a court that MGT Capital Investments has gone ahead with the announcement of the “John McAfee Privacy Phone,” even though the company that proposes to change its name to “John McAfee Global Technologies” has previously...

india biometrics

India’s Supreme Court hears challenge to biometric authentication system

Two lawsuits being heard this week before India’s Supreme Court question a requirement imposed by the government that individuals should quote a biometrics-based authentication number when filing their tax returns.

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