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Vulnerabilities in third-party apps cause 75 percent of attacks

Maxim Mitrokhin, Director-Operations, Kaspersky Lab, APAC, talks about the company's aspirations for the Indian market. Enterprise security is a crowded space with many well-entrenched vendors. Don't you think you've made a late...

Cyberwar risks calamity, Eugene Kaspersky warns UK Government and spooks

Not pretty

Kaspersky Lab launches world's first anti-malware product for UEFI

Microsoft Malware Protection Center recently discovered a sneaky Trojan that deletes its components to stop forensic investigators and researchers from analyzing it. The downloader was the payload.On the MMPC blog, Jonathan San Jose...

Security expert identifies targeted attack utilizing malware for Android devices

Kaspersky Lab has detected a new targeted attack against Uyghur activists which, for the first time, is based on a malicious program for Android-based mobile devices. The attack is designed and performed in a similar manner as...

Bitcoin mining malware spreading on Skype, researcher says

A new Skype spam campaign directs users to malware that uses the computer's CPU to mine Bitcoins, according Kaspersky Lab researchers

Ransomware leverages victims' browser histories for increased credibility

Visited websites are listed as source of illegal material in order to make the bogus police messages more believable, a researcher says

Android messaging malware targets Tibetan activists

The malware records key network information, which suggests a more sophisticated attempt to spy on users

Kaspersky Aims To Be 'Big Boy' Of Enterprise Security World

Maxim Mitrokhin, Director-Operations, Kaspersky Lab, APAC, talks about the company's aspirations for the Indian market.

Researchers discover new global cyber-espionage campaign

A new cyber-espionage campaign dubbed MiniDuke used the recent Adobe Reader zero-day exploit

Kaspersky apologizes for antivirus update that continues to disrupt customer nets

Kaspersky Lab's flawed anti-malware update that went out Feb. 5 for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security product continues to cause serious disruptions in enterprise networks

Adobe confirms zero-day exploit bypasses Adobe Reader sandbox

The attacks are highly sophisticated and likely part of an important cyberespionage operation, a Kaspersky Lab researcher says

Targeted online attacks rise against Uyghur minority

Kaspersky Lab and AlienVault say the attacks are directed at Mac OS X users

DaVinci surveillance malware distributed via zero-day Flash Player exploit, researchers say

The attacks targeted activists from the Middle East, according to Kaspersky Lab researchers

Kaspersky launches all-in-one security tool for SMBs

Kaspersky aims for its new product to consolidate and simplify computer security for small businesses.

Bad Kaspersky antivirus update prevents business and home users from accessing websites

Users are advised to temporarily disable the Web protection component in their products and install a new update in order to fix the issue

Cyberwarfare now menacing the enterprise, Kaspersky Lab says

Stuxnet, Flame, Gauss and other state-sponsored cyberwarfare malware is increasingly disrupting operations in organizations

Kaspersky Lab adds mobile and system management to its business security offering

'Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business' includes tools for data encryption, mobile device management, system administration and more

Spam levels plummet as industry takes aim at botnets

Levels now around 70 percent, Kaspersky says

Meet Red October, the latest cyber-spy malware for digital espionage

In October 2012, Kaspersky Lab began looking into yet another digital espionage attack that has been ongoing since 2007. Yesterday, the security firm said the "Red October" campaign targeted "diplomatic and governmental agencies of...

Java exploit used in Red October cyberespionage attacks, researchers say

Seculert researchers identified a Java exploit and corresponding attack pages on Red October command and control servers

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