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Economic pressures are increasing cybersecurity risks; a recession would amp them up more

Insider threats and the rate of successful attacks coupled with corporate cost-cutting efforts have historically hurt cybersecurity programs — and would likely do so again.


Measuring cybersecurity: The what, why, and how

CISOs need to report the key security performance and risk indicators to executive teams in way that they find meaningful and actionable.

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Plan now to avoid a communications failure after a cyberattack

CISOs should take the lead to develop a post-cyberattack communications plan that accurately informs stakeholders and instills confidence in their organizations' response.

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If governments are banning TikTok, why is it still on your corporate devices?

When lawmakers and higher education take steps to prevent official users from accessing the popular video-sharing app on their devices, corporations should sit up and take notice.

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The BISO: bringing security to business and business to security

Even the most tech-savvy leaders can use an effective liaison between corporate and cybersecurity—the business information security officer (BISO) bridges communications gaps and acts as a security evangelist and gatekeeper.

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How acceptable is your acceptable use policy?

If users resent, fear, or ignore policies around the use of corporate resources, it may be time for a different approach that incentivizes rather than punishes.

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When blaming the user for a security breach is unfair – or just wrong

Training non-tech savvy users to recognize phishing and other credential-based attacks is essential but expecting employees to man the front lines against intrusions is a mistake, experts say. Harmony between staff psychology and...

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5 top qualities you need to become a next-gen CISO

The world of cybersecurity changes quickly. If you want to be at the top of your game, a next-generation (“next-gen” in IT-speak) CISO, you should consider these guidelines for building and maintaining the skills and relationships...

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UK finalizes first independent post-Brexit data transfer deal with South Korea

UK organizations will be able to securely transfer personal data to the Republic of Korea without restrictions by the end of 2022.

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PCI DSS 4.0 is coming: how to prepare for the looming changes to credit card payment rules

New credit card payment processing rules will tighten security and offer more flexibility for enterprises. While they won’t come into full effect until 2025, experts say there are significant changes and recommend that consumer-facing...

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Darren Argyle of Standard Chartered Bank

Darren Argyle – Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer of Standard Chartered Bank – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

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8 hallmarks of a proactive security strategy

More CISOs are balancing their response and recovery capabilities with proactive measures that anticipate attacks and vulnerabilities.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: David Walker on data, security, and innovation

David Walker – Chief Data, Security, and Innovation Officer at Mox Bank – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Andri Purnomo on leadership

Andri Purnomo – Vice President of Information Security at DANA Indonesia – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

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7 critical steps for successful security onboarding

Creating a culture of security starts on day one, say veteran security leaders. Here’s their advice for making that initial security training more effective.

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NIST CSF 2.0 Workshop emphasizes global appeal, metrics and assessment

About 7,000 international workshop attendees heard discussions of NIST's plans for Cybersecurity Framework 2.0, which aims to offer more guidance on supply chain security, measurement, and implementation, among other topics.

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How ABM built a cohesive security program around zero trust

CISO Stephanie Franklin-Thomas advances ABM’s security program with a holistic approach to zero trust, putting equal emphasis on people, process, and technology.

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How OKRs keep security programs on track

This goal-setting framework can help security teams stay focused on priorities, but success requires a commitment to implementing supporting practices.

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