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We don’t need another infosec hero

By setting yourself up as the defender, the solver of problems, you cast your business colleagues as hapless victims or, worse, threats. This is not a useful construct for engagement.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Xerxes Kiok Kan on leadership

Xerxes Kiok Kan – Head of IT Security & Controls at Anglo-Eastern – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

Jamil Farshchi, CISO, Equifax

Equifax’s Jamil Farshchi: Security shouldn’t be a trade secret

Farshchi joined the credit reporting agency in 2018 with a mandate for change following the company’s high-profile data breach. Today, he’s calling for greater transparency and collaboration in the security community, with Equifax...

board of directors

Cybersecurity metrics corporate boards want to see

These are the metrics that boards of directors will find useful because they help map security investments with strategic goals and risks.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Angel Redoble on leadership

Angel Redoble – Group CISO of PLDT Group and Smart Communications – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

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Is your security organization ripe for a reorg?

CISOs should revisit organizational structure as part of their overall strategic plans and after big shifts in enterprise needs. But experts warn that reorganizing alone isn’t a recipe for success.

rachel wilson morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Rachel Wilson on the democratization of cybercrime

The head of cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Investment Technology reflects on key changes in the risk and security landscape.

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How JetBlue creates a culture of security

VP of Security Keith Slotter and his team have tapped 600 employees across the organization as part of a Security Champions program. The result is a strengthened security presence and an employee population engaged in security.

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Why metrics are crucial to proving cybersecurity programs’ value

Methodologies to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity efforts exist. Tying them to the real world is the trick.

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Making security a more welcoming field for women

Job postings that suggest a frat house mindset, work-life imbalance, and pay gaps are among the areas companies should focus on if they want to hire and keep more women cybersecurity professionals.

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CISOs are still chiefs in name only

If you’re not in the meeting where decisions are made, then you’re not part of the C-Suite—whatever your title may be.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Leonard Ong on leadership

Leonard Ong, Regional Information Security Officer of GE Healthcare, joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview. They will discuss why it’s a good time now to be in cybersecurity, automation examples that CISOs can...

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Vulnerabilities don’t count

No one outside the IT department cares about your vulnerability metrics (or they shouldn’t, anyway). They care about efficacy. And traditional stats don’t show that.

Deborah Wheeler, CISO, Delta Air Lines

Delta CISO Debbie Wheeler: Security can’t be seen as a competitive advantage

With the complexity and criticality of security in the aviation industry, Wheeler warns against viewing security as a competitive advantage. Instead, she says, a more collaborative approach is required.

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CISOs are burned out and falling behind

For CISOs experiencing burnout, the impact goes beyond not bringing their A game to work; it puts their organizations at increased risk.

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12 steps to take when there’s an active adversary on your network

These steps will help you respond quickly, without letting a crisis turn into chaos.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Christopher Lek on industry

Christopher Lek, Director at Nanyang Technological University, joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview. They will discuss why it is important to understand the business drivers and cybersecurity culture in each...

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Steven Sim on leadership

Steven Sim, President of ISACA’s Singapore Chapter, joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview. They will discuss how joining an association like ISACA would benefit cybersecurity professionals and students, what...

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