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intro breaches getting someone fired

The buck stops here: 8 security breaches that got someone fired

Some deserved the blame, and some seemed to just be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

help wanted sign

IT help wanted, cybersecurity experience preferred

To fix the cybersecurity labor shortage, IT organizations should cross-train IT workers on cybersecurity.

hiring job work time money stress

Cybersecurity skills shortage creating recruitment chaos

Because of the global cybersecurity skills shortage, nearly half of all cybersecurity professionals are solicited to consider other jobs at least once per week.

chair spotlight

6 missteps that could cost CISOs their jobs

Sure, a big preventable breach might easily cost a CISO his or her job. A few less obvious missteps could do the same.

cybersecurity ts

The cybersecurity skills shortage acts as a root cause for security events

New research from ESG and ISSA reveals that a lack of training, inadequate cybersecurity staffing, and business apathy contribute to security events.

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

How to hire top cybersecurity talent for your company

As cyber threats continue to grow in volume and intensity, companies need top-tier cybersecurity talent to successfully fend off these attacks.

it skills gap

Acute cybersecurity skills shortage areas

Security analysts/investigators, application security specialists, and cloud security skills top a long list of skills deficits.

programmers girl scouts code-a-thon

A rocket scientist hacks the cybersecurity labor crisis

The CEO of Girls Scouts of the USA may have cracked the code on where to find future cyber fighters.

movies films ts

Official list of hacker and cyber crime movies

The best way to get young people interested in cybersecurity and fighting cyber crime may be by watching a good flick.

Could military veterans stop the cybersecurity skills shortage?

A look at why ex-military professionals may be the future of cybersecurity

Hacker with computer reflecting off of glasses

The best ethical hacking courses and certifications

Becoming a certified ethical hacker, also called a penetration tester, is a popular goal among information security professionals. Here are your best options for reaching it.

recruiting digital unicorns

Searching for unicorns: Managing expectations to find cybersecurity talent

Finding the cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow means being realistic about job descriptions and providing training and mentoring for non-traditional tech people.

board ceo executives table

Should CISOs join CEOs in the C-suite?

IT executives weigh in on whether information security leaders should report to CEOs or to CIOs. Or whether there should there be a dotted line to both.


Cybersecurity channel chiefs and MSSPs look to the future

CyberTechnologyXchange brings vendors and managed security service providers together for one-on-one meetings to develop relationships and explore new technologies.

cybersecurity shield and gear image

Please don't send me to cybersecurity training

Training providers offer unique twists to help engage employees on security awareness education and make the process less painful.

band-aid patch bandage

Your security scars are the key to innovation

Ben Johnson, CTO and co-founder of Obsidian Security, discusses driving innovation in security and business based on your experiences.

Group of diverse women standing lined up in a row

10 top women chief information security officers to watch

As girls and young women become interested in cybersecurity, they can look to these women information security officers for inspiration.

keyboard user security

Go online to get your master's degree in cybersecurity

More than 30 U.S. colleges and universities offer an online Master of Science in cybersecurity program.

chatbots chatbot bot

Security chatbot empowers junior analysts, helps fill cybersecurity gap

Endgame's Artemis eliminate syntax or query language, allowing junior analysts to communicate with the network more intuitively to find security issues.

cyber crime cybersecurity

Cybersecurity help wanted: Asperger people

People with Asperger Syndrome have distinct advantages when it comes to combating cyber crime.

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