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Mobile Device Security Reality

You've heard the same things I have:  "You can't control mobile device proliferation."  "Most large organizations are being forced to create BYOD programs."  "You need to let new employees work with their own devices and use social...

iPad Security Case Study: Are We There Yet?

Six months ago, the first iPad landed at the Bank of the Ozarks. Now there are nearly 20 company-owned iPads in employees' hands, with plenty more on the way. If Bank of the Ozarks, a 100-year-old community bank headquartered in...

Twitter Admits Storing IPhone Contact Data

Keeps user's entire address book for 18 months if you use Find Friends feature

The Evolution of Endpoint Security

Back in 2007, ESG asked 206 IT enterprise security professionals to respond to the following statement: Endpoint security has become a commodity market with little difference between products. A majority (58%) of respondents either...

How to Hack an IPad

Prevent access with a four-digit PIN code or beware

Ten IT News Stories We'll Read in 2012

Whitman gets HP in order, cyberattacks get bigger and badder, Oracle and Google settle their Java dispute, and more

Security Minefield: 'Bring Your Own Device' Will Bedevil IT Security in 2012

The rapid adoption of the newest mobile devices -- especially the Apple iPhone and iPad and the Google Android-based equivalents -- will be a huge disruptive force in enterprise security next year. Not only will there be pressure to...

Tech Stories of 2011: Jobs, Android and Anonymous Rank in Top 10

AT&T-T-Mobile, HP boardroom drama redux, earthquake aftershocks, Egypt going offline also make top headlines

Apple: IOS 5 Marked End of our Carrier IQ Support

Apple Thursday issued a statement that it stopped supporting a controversial Carrier IQ software that is intended to collect smartphone performance data for carriers, but allegedly collects detailed personal information. Apple had...

AT&T Reports Attempted Customer Data Hack

AT&T today notified customers that there had been an "organized and systematic" attempt to hack into their personal account information. The company sent out an email to customers informing them of an "attempt to obtain...

The mobile security survival guide

A collection of articles to help you understand the mobile threat and plan your security program accordingly.

Apple Security Chief John Theriault Retires

Sources claim bungled investigation into lost iPhone 4S prompted Theriault's retirement

IPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw Fixed By IOS 5.0.1

iOS 5.0.1 should be issued to all in 'a few weeks', Apple says

Siri Security Flaw Leaves the IPhone 4S Insecure

Default setting leaves passcode-locked iPhone 4S open to abuse

Facebook IPad App 'full of Bugs'

Users accuse Facebook of not testing app properly

The Apple security survival guide

Attacks against the Mac are on the rise, and users need to know what they're up against to mount an effective defense. Here's a survival guide that will help.

IPad Data LP: Security Savior Or Strong-Arm Tactic

It's a late night, and you've fired up Facebook on your ACME.com company-owned iPad to post some bad news. "A reduction in workforce is going to happen this week," you type into your update status field and tap the post...

Protect IPad Data Without Hobbling Users

Symantec plans to enable its data loss prevention server to work with iPads (even using iCloud) and, eventually, Android devices

IPhone and IPad Security: the Human Element

The iPhone and iPad are not your dad's new-fangled laptop. Or are they? Part of the security problem has changed, says security expert Jeff Schmidt, CEO of JAS Global Advisors LLC. Schmidt advises Fortune 100 companies on ways to...

Zenprise Offers IPad App for Secure SharePoint Access

Positioned as a data loss prevention tool, the app and server software focus on enforcing SharePoint content policies on iOS devices

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