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Powell: Net Neutrality Plan Will Likely Pass

A former FCC chairman predicts commissioners will approve a net neutrality proposal this month.

FCC Scheduled Vote on Net Neutrality This Month

The FCC is scheduled to vote on net neutrality rules during its Dec. 21 meeting.

FCC's Genachowski Pushes for Vote on Net Neutrality

The FCC's chairman outlines a proposal on net neutrality and pushes for a vote Dec. 21.

Krebs: FCC must make ISPs crack down on spammers and malware

The FCC is looking for industry guidance on its cybersecurity roadmap. Brian Krebs says measuring security efforts by US-based ISPs and hosting companies is a critical first step.

Demand media a home to badware?

As Demand Media gears up for its initial public offering, anti-spam advocates and online crime fighters say that the company needs to clean up its act.

Net Neutrality Deal May Not See Wider Support

A potential deal between Google and Verizon Communications on network neutrality may not carry much weight with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which has been trying to broker its own deal in recent weeks.

FCC Calls Off Net Neutrality Negotiations

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has called off negotiations on a network neutrality compromise schedule for the coming days, saying the talks have not been fruitful enough.

FCC Calls Off Net Neutrality Negotiations

The first paragraph of the story, "FCC calls off net neutrality negotiations," which posted to the wire Thursday, contained a typographical error that altered a word. The first paragraph has been corrected and now reads:

Facebook Doubles the Size of Its First Data Center

Facebook has decided to double the size of its planned data center in Oregon before the first part of the project is even built, the latest sign of the company's rapid growth.

ISPs Battle Against Three-Strikes Rule Throughout EU

Irish ISP UPC said Friday that it will continue to vigorously defend itself against liability proceedings taken against it in the country's courts by music companies.

Baidu to Pursue Claims Against U.S. Domain Registry

Baidu plans to press its claims against a U.S. domain registry for allowing hackers to take over the search engine company's website, following a judge's ruling clearing the way for a lawsuit.

India Plans to Introduce IPv6 By 2012

India will start using IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) from March 2012, according to a new roadmap released by the Indian government.

Hackers Hit Network Solutions Customers

Hackers have managed to deface several hundred Web sites hosted by Network Solutions, the company said Tuesday.

Report: ISPs Fear Many More DDoS Attacks in 2010

Internet service providers are worried about increasingly sophisticated attacks on cloud-based services, according to new survey from Arbor Networks.

ISP Operators Among 19 Arrested in Cyber-Fraud Case

The owner of a Dallas-based Internet service provider that was raided last April has been charged with participating in a conspiracy to defraud more than US$15 million from companies such as Verizon, AT&T and XO Communications.

Chinese ISP Hosts 1 in 7 Conficker Infections

Security experts have known for months that some countries have had a harder time battling the Conficker worm than others. But thanks to data released Wednesday by Shadowserver, a volunteer-run organization, they now have a better...

Bad Actors Exposed: McColo, ZlKon, HostFresh and the Damage Done

Much of today's cyber crime is supported by bad-actor sites that enable questionable and criminal activities. A look at McColo, ZlKon, HostFresh and other "sinister" players.

Pirate Bay ISP Victim of Sabotage After Shutdown

Black Internet, the ISP that on Monday turned off the access to file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, says it has become the victim of sabotage. The damage is substantial, according to CEO Victor Möller.

MSNBC: ISPs pressed to police child porn

Monitoring traffic for illegal images

United Against Spam

ISPs and e-mail providers are going to new lengths to stop the attacks and, more than ever, cooperating in their efforts to thwart online attacks

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