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What is Shodan? The search engine for everything on the internet

Defenders find this simple tool valuable for finding vulnerable devices attached to the web that need to be secured.

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Alexa, stop recording conversations and sending them to other people!

Amazon confirmed that an Echo recorded a couple's private conversation and sent it to another person without their knowledge or verbal consent.

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FBI: Reboot your home and small office routers to counter Russian malware

The FBI, DHS and DoJ advised rebooting your router to clear it from advanced stages of the Russian-linked malware VPNFilter.

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Voice squatting attacks: Hacks turn Amazon Alexa, Google Home into secret eavesdroppers

Researchers devise new two new attacks -- voice squatting and voice masquerading -- on Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing adversaries to steal personal information or silently eavesdrop.

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Ring modernizes the neighborhood watch with its Neighbors app

Residents can use Ring's Neighbors app to report 'suspicious' people and activities, while police departments can use it to share real-time crime alerts with communities.

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‘I'm hacked’ message left on dozens of defaced Canon IoT security cameras in Japan

More than 60 Canon IoT security cameras in Japan were hacked and defaced -- another example of why users must change default passwords.

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Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) – the overlooked threat to IoT

As IoT adoption continues to proliferate, manufactures and adopters are increasingly aware of cybersecurity risks to IoT. Yet, even among the IoT security professionals, one significant potential remote attack vector is often...

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Quick take-aways from the RSA Security Conference

Last week's RSA Security Conference had good discussions and industry focus, but there was too much hype -- and there's lots of work ahead.

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Don’t rush to deploy 5G if you want IoT security, agency warns

Flaws in 2G, 3G and 4G networks could be repeated in 5G, says EU IT security agency.

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Transparency, responsibility and accountability in the age of IoT

The security industry can play a lead role in providing the tools to make it easier for IoT manufacturers and organizations to make "security by default" a business priority.

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8 questions to ask about your industrial control systems security

Do you have a real cybersecurity-focused ICS strategy in place, or are you force-fitting IT security policies on your industrial control systems?

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Eliminate the IoT security blind spot

Securing the new endpoint: Making the IoT transformation safe for enterprises.

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Severe flaws could turn your smart camera into someone else's surveillance tool

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT found 13 severe security flaws that could turn a popular smart camera into a device an attacker could use to spy on you.

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Regulation is the best hope for IoT security – imagine that!

Far from stifling technological innovation, regulation could in fact create lucrative new opportunities for security vendors.

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DDoS explained: How distributed denial of service attacks are evolving

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is when attackers attempt to make it impossible for a service to be delivered, typically by drowning a system with requests for data. They have been part of the criminal toolbox for twenty...

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The Mirai botnet explained: How teen scammers and CCTV cameras almost brought down the internet

Mirai took advantage of insecure IoT devices in a simple but clever way. It scanned big blocks of the internet for open Telnet ports, then attempted to log in default passwords. In this way, it was able to amass a botnet army.

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U.S. cybersecurity threat risk remains high -- no signs of lessening

The U.S. Director National Intelligence says the public and private sectors in the U.S. are at continual risk and the country should expect cyber attacks from nation state and non-state actors.

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Alexa, ask McAfee to scan my network

At Mobile World Congress 2018, McAfee said it plans to launch Secure Home Platform (SHP) for Amazon Alexa, so a connected home’s network security can be managed via voice.


How do mobile apps impact security in the Industrial IoT?

New research from IOActive looks at the rise in vulnerabilities of mobile apps which connect to SCADA systems – we catch up with Jason Larsen to learn more

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What cybersecurity surprises does 2018 hold?

One thing's for sure: securing ourselves and our organizations will only get more difficult this year.

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