Internet of Things

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The tangible threat of cyber-kinetic attacks

Connecting physical objects and processes to the cyber world offers us capabilities that exponentially exceed the expectations of science fiction writers and futurists of past generations. But it also introduces disquieting...

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2018 prediction: securing IoT-connected devices will be a major cybersecurity challenge

For careless operators, an IoT-connected device could lead to breaches bigger and more invasive than we’ve ever seen.

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Top 5 cybersecurity questions for the CISO in 2018

CISOs face many challenges as they plan for 2018. These five questions will help guide strategic discussions in a demanding year ahead.

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Cybersecurity market slowdown? Not anytime soon

Despite some analyst speculations to the contrary, cybersecurity spending is rising sharply.

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Who are you really inviting in?

The hackable doorknob next door…

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Cyber attack surface facts, figures and statistics for 2017 to 2022

We're seeing a massive expansion of internet-connected people, places and things — and securing all of them is a problem.

Europe trends 2018: GDPR may hit businesses hard

A big-picture look at what awaits Europe next year in terms of enterprise technology

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Researchers use BlueSteal to remotely crack ‘smart’ handgun safe in seconds

Researchers hacked a Bluetooth-enabled gun safe, Vaultek VT20i, showing how the 'smart' safe can be remotely opened in mere seconds using a laptop.

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8 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2018

New challenges and threats will face IT departments in the year ahead.

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Salted Hash Ep 11: Dyn Inc. DDoS anniversary, and the truth about the Reaper botnet

For this week's episode of Salted Hash, we're joined by Josh Shaul, the vice president of web security at Akamai. He shares his story about his experiences during the Dyn Inc. DDoS attacks, and offers some details about the Reaper...

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The top 3 hot spots for federal IoT security

We are closer than ever to enjoying the benefits of IoT, so let’s not forget these things need to be secure. It’s a promising technology that must be wrapped with security from the get-go. If we don’t get it right, the consequences...

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Enterprises must address Internet of Identities challenges

No one owns identity at many organizations and identity skills are lacking. In lieu of a solution, these issues could lead to IoT roadblocks and security vulnerabilities.

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IoT security concerns are rising

Until consumers and businesses increase their knowledge of how to protect themselves and adopt industry standard approaches, IoT will continue to be a treasure trove of opportunity for hackers.

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FDA approves micro-chipped pill that tells doc if you took meds

Two years after accepting an application for a digital medicine application, FDA has approved the system, which tracks if you take the digital pill.

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FDA approves first 'digital' pill that tracks when it was swallowed

The medication is the first in the U.S. to have a digital ingestion tracking system: a sensor in the pill, a sensor in the patch, a mobile app and a web-based portal.

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Mozilla's Privacy Not Included guide reveals if holiday gifts will spy on you

Mozilla's Privacy Not Included guide lists toys, gadgets and accessories that can spy on you and if those connected devices have privacy controls.

Preparing your business for the quantum security threat, part 2

Once quantum computing takes off, will it even be possible to keep all of our data sources safe?

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ForeScout IPO: 5 reasons this cybersecurity company will be successful

IoT security company ForeScout is going public today. Its products, its management and the growing IoT market put it in a prime position to succeed.

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Information security, 2018: What we have here is a failure to plan

Information security increasingly has a place in corporate leadership, but plenty of companies are still failing to make the plans they need to keep up.

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FTC urged to investigate easy-to-hack smartwatches for kids

A new report revealed significant security and privacy flaws in smartwatches for kids, prompting U.S. watchdog groups to ask the FTC to investigate.

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