Internet of Things

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Defending outside the firewall

The risks and rewards of the intelligent edge.

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Identity and the smart city

IAMs next big outing.

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Bridging the smart cities security divide

There are plenty of organizations that seem to be working on answers to secure smart cities, but in many ways it's like the early days of cloud computing with everyone building their own solutions.


What is NB-IoT?

Narrowband IoT is the major wireless carriers' play to capture a significant chunk of the burgeoning enterprise IoT marketplace, even if the standard isn't quite ready for prime time yet. Here's a look at the technology that's coming...

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IoT: From concept to reality and risk

The way we reconcile our security concerns with IoT’s inevitable integration will determine whether the revolution upgrades our lives or creates chaos.

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Keys to securing the Internet of Things

Securing all these IoT devices and their connections to corporate networks and other systems is an issue manufacturers – and the security industry as a whole – needs to address immediately.

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IoT for its own sake is causing needless security headaches

CSOs should carefully consider whether every IoT device is necessary, or if the benefit versus risk balance is incorrectly weighted.

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Amazon Go grocery store: No checkout lines, ‘just grab and go’

Amazon opened its first high-tech grocery store in Seattle. With no human or self-service checkouts, cameras and sensors track what you take off the shelves.

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Mobile devices and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

If it’s good enough for your lightbulbs, it’s good enough for nuclear centrifuges. Right?

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Mirai Okiru: New DDoS botnet targets ARC-based IoT devices

Meet Mirai Okiru and brace for the DDoS botnet targeting 'billions' of ARC-based IoT devices.

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Mingis on Tech: How networking will evolve in 2018

From Cisco's plans for intent-based networking to SD-WAN, IoT and 5G pilot programs, the networking industry is growing and changing by leaps and bounds. Here's what's likely to be top of mind in the industry this year.

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GPS tracking vulnerabilities leave millions of products at risk

It's an IoT nightmare. One that is entirely preventable. Two researchers have disclosed problems with hundreds of vulnerable GPS services using open APIs and trivial passwords (123456), resulting in a multitude of privacy issues...

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The tangible threat of cyber-kinetic attacks

Connecting physical objects and processes to the cyber world offers us capabilities that exponentially exceed the expectations of science fiction writers and futurists of past generations. But it also introduces disquieting...

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2018 prediction: securing IoT-connected devices will be a major cybersecurity challenge

For careless operators, an IoT-connected device could lead to breaches bigger and more invasive than we’ve ever seen.

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Top 5 cybersecurity questions for the CISO in 2018

CISOs face many challenges as they plan for 2018. These five questions will help guide strategic discussions in a demanding year ahead.

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Cybersecurity market slowdown? Not anytime soon

Despite some analyst speculations to the contrary, cybersecurity spending is rising sharply.

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Who are you really inviting in?

The hackable doorknob next door…

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Cyber attack surface facts, figures and statistics for 2017 to 2022

We're seeing a massive expansion of internet-connected people, places and things — and securing all of them is a problem.

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