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Microsoft issues five month countdown for Windows XP support

Company to stop commercial support for OS in April 2014, then halt security updates in May

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Nation-state likely behind attack on IE zero-day flaw

Nation-state intending to compromise specific machines sponsored attack discovered by FireEye

hacker attack

Attacks multiply as hackers target unpatched IE flaw

Browser vulnerability remains unpatched as hackers focus attacks

Windows security holes

Internet Explorer zero-day attackers linked to Bit9 hackers

Infrastructure and tools used by hackers originate from network infrastructure in China, security firm Symantec says

70 percent of business users vulnerable to latest Internet Explorer Zero-Day

Microsoft alert says all supported versions of Internet Explorer contain a zero day vulnerability that is being actively targeted online, and 70 percent of Windows business users are impacted

Patch Tuesday: Fixes 4 critical flaws, 8 remote code execution vulnerabilities

Microsoft released 13 security bulletins, four rated critical, with the suggested deployment priority starting with MS13-068 for Outlook, MS13-069 for every supported version of Internet Explorer, and MS13-067 for SharePoint....

August Patch Tuesday: Microsoft addresses 23 vulnerabilities

Microsoft pushes 23 fixes, includes patch for Exchange server, urges migration from Windows XP soon

MSFT to developers: Fix Windows app security flaws in 180 days or be kicked from stores

App developers have no more than 180 days to fix security flaws or Microsoft will kick the vulnerable app from the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, Office Store, and Azure Marketplace. Microsoft's new security policy for apps...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday targets multitude of Internet Explorer faults

Microsoft is issuing critical security bulletins this Patch Tuesday that affect all versions of Internet Explorer and deal with an exploit that attackers are actively working. Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the recipients of...

Cyberattack highlights software update problem in large organizations

Attackers targeting government employees working with nuclear weapons understood departments are using outdated versions of Windows,IE

New Microsoft campaign promotes privacy prowess

After a series of smear ads lambasting Google's data privacy procedures, Microsoft has launched a campaign highlighting its privacy features

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for April to address Windows 8 vulnerabilities

Windows 8 and Windows RT are subject to critical vulnerabilities that will be addressed on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday next week, both by virtue of supporting Internet Explorer 10. The bulletin for the vulnerabilities addresses similar...

Researcher sidesteps Microsoft fix for IE zero-day

Microsoft's short-term fix cannot cover all the different paths a criminal can take to exploit the bug, which the exploit highlights

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Just two critical fixes but they affect a lot of Windows systems

Microsoft is issuing two critical fixes on this month's Patch Tuesday, one of them affecting its most popular operating system -- Windows 7 -- in conjunction with Windows Server 2008 R2. That problem allows remote execution of...

Microsoft downplays IE flaw that allows mouse tracking

Microsoft says it is investigating reports of a vulnerability in multiple versions of Internet Explorer

Privacy experts criticize moves to sidestep IE10's default Do Not Track settings

Apache, Yahoo overriding tracking settings -- off by default -- in Microsoft's new Internet Explorer browser

Windows 8 security focuses on early malware detection

Security experts say Windows 8 is the most secure Microsoft OS to date, but that doesn't mean malware won't evolve to exploit it

Does Microsoft Oppose Verizon Spying? Verizon allegedly wants more control over WP8

Lockergnome founder Chris Pirillo took Windows 8 to the street and randomly asked people to try it. Folks were confused and looked for the Start Menu and Taskbar. In fact, the experiment showed that "real users have no clue how to...

You might be surprised at which Web browser aced this security test

Microsoft IE9 blew away Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari in new tests by NSS Labs to measure the ability of web browsers to block malware and catch click fraud. NSS subjected Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 15-19,...

Microsoft releases fix for Internet Explorer flaw

Security vendors mixed on severity ratings of the most recent browser vulnerability

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