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The CSO guide to top security conferences

Tracking postponements, cancellations, and conferences gone virtual — CSO Online’s calendar of upcoming security conferences makes it easy to find the events that matter the most to you.

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IBM acquires Polar Security, bolstering data security capabilities

IBM’s purchase of Israel-based application data security startup Polar will see that company’s data security posture management technology integrated into IBM’s Guardium lineup of products.

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How Northfield Hospital uses AI to minimize risk from cyberattacks

The rural community hospital has turned to AI-enabled protection to have full visibility of its network and understand the threat landscape.

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UK NCSC, ICO debunk 6 cyberattack reporting myths

These misconceptions, including the belief that paying a ransom makes the incident go away, could result in more attacks or bigger regulatory fines.

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Insured companies more likely to be ransomware victims, sometimes more than once

A recent report found that companies with cyber insurance have been hit by ransomware more than those without it, and sometimes more than once. Although threat actors may not be directly correlating the insurance factor to find...

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The 6 best password managers for business

A password manager stores a user’s passwords and logins for various sites and apps and generates new, strong passwords, making it a valuable tool for implementing strong passwords in your business.

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Malwarebytes releases Mobile Security for OneView to secure Chromebooks, Android, iOS devices

Mobile security features for MSPs include anti-malware and malicious app protection.

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Small- and medium-sized businesses: don’t give up on cybersecurity

When the focus is often on the big hacking and ransomware cases involving multinational companies and governments, small- and medium-sized businesses can often feel left behind and powerless. But help is out there.

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Review your on-prem ADCS infrastructure before attackers do it for you

Attacks through Active Directory Certificate Services are fairly easy for bad actors to perform but basic vigilance and built-in Windows protections can help mitigate the risk of a breach.

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The Merck appeal: cyber insurance and the definition of war

Pharmaceutical giant Merck’s won an appeal that might see it claim $1.4 billion from insurers due to the NotPetya ransomware attack. The decision hinged on the definition of war and it could also affect how insurance terms are defined...

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White House unveils AI rules to address safety and privacy

President Biden's rules are not legally binding, but they do offer guidance and begin a conversation at the national level about real and existential threats posed by generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT.

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White House seeks information on tools used for automated employee surveillance

The information will be used to ascertain if employers are violating antitrust and privacy laws, including whether companies use technologies to artificially reduce wages.

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ChatGPT returns to Italy after OpenAI tweaks privacy disclosures, controls

OpenAI has relaunched ChatGPT in Italy after making changes requested by the country's data privacy regulator.

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Embracing zero-trust: a look at the NSA’s recommended IAM best practices for administrators

The US National Security Agency and CISA have published a set of guidelines to help secure systems from access- and identity-based threats. Here’s what to look for in this wide-ranging document.

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Amazon, Facebook, Twitter on EU list of companies facing DSA content rules

The EU Commission has announced the 19 online companies and search engines, including Bing and Google, that will have to comply with new transparency and accountability regulations by August.

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Accenture, IBM, Mandiant join Elite Cyber Defenders Program to secure critical infrastructure

Led by Nozomi Networks, the program aims to provide global industrial and government customers cybersecurity defense tools, incident response teams, and threat intelligence.

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Most interesting products to see at RSA Conference 2023

These are the tools, platforms, and services that the CSO team recommends RSA Conference attendees check out.

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Abnormal Security expands threat protection to Slack, Teams and Zoom

The new tools include message security, account takeover protection, and security posture management for cloud communication applications to protect against multi-channel threats.

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