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An open lock sits on a credit card lying on a computer keyboard.

PCI DSS explained: Requirements, fines, and steps to compliance

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a cybersecurity standard backed by all the major credit card and payment processing companies that aims to keep credit and debit card numbers safe.

managed security service providers

Palo Alto, Deloitte enter U.S. MSSP market with expanded partnership

The Palo Alto-Deloitte announcement introduces a significant new player into the growing managed security service provider space as organizations increasingly invest in specialized services to address cyberthreats.

Unitd States cybersecurity   >   U.S. flag with a digital network of locks instead of stars

The US federal cybersecurity bureaucracy: A guide

A high-level look at the national offices and organizations involved in protecting the US from cyber threats.

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Microsoft expands managed security services offerings with new program

Security Experts allows customers to tap into Microsoft pros for threat hunting, XDR, and modernization.

whitelisting computer security security oversight admin lockout control by metamorworks getty images

The new cybersecurity mandate

Parsing the White House’s cybersecurity directives.

security monitoring

SOC modernization: 8 key considerations

Organizations need SOC transformation for security efficacy and operational efficiency. Technology vendors should come to this year’s RSA Conference with clear messages and plans, not industry hyperbole.

blockchain in healthcare / doctor accesses one block in a chain of digital medical records

Fragmented tool landscape biggest cybersecurity challenge to medical device makers

Continuous monitoring of security throughout the medical device product lifecycle also poses problems.

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Ransomware plagues finance sector as cyberattacks get more complex

Cybercriminals have evolved from hacking wire transfers to targeting market data, as ransomware continues to hit financial firms, says a new VMware report. Here's what to do about it.

Thoma Bravo's $6.9B SailPoint deal brings IAM to security portfolio

SailPoint's IAM (identity access management) capabilities fill a gap in private equity firm Thoma Bravo's cybersecurity portfolio.

CSO  >  Botnet  >  Robots amid a blue binary matrix

Serious flaws allow the hijacking of autonomous logistics robots used in hospitals

The now patched JekyllBot:5 vulnerabilities in Aethon TUG robots expose three communications interfaces, two APIs, and a websocket interface.

binary code spanning a world map

How GDPR has inspired a global arms race on privacy regulations

Companies with a global presence face the challenge of achieving compliance with an increasing array of regional data-protection regulations.

A network of security components overlays a credit card payment made by laptop user.

New PCI DSS v4.0 receives kudos for flexibility

Customization, multi-factor authentication are key features in PCI DSS v4.0 global payment benchmark.

Fragmented image of a Boeing 787 airplane represented in encrypted data.

How JetBlue creates a culture of security

VP of Security Keith Slotter and his team have tapped 600 employees across the organization as part of a Security Champions program. The result is a strengthened security presence and an employee population engaged in security.

Distorted and glitched binary flag of the United States of America

U.S. State Department unveils new Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy

The new Bureau could enhance the United States' ability to work effectively with other nations on cybersecurity matters.

asia fom space night shutterstock 1422245984

The state of privacy regulations across Asia

While GDPR looms large across the Asia-Pacific region, there are significant differences as jurisdictions develop their own national approaches to privacy. There’s also a growing focus on data security in many countries.

12 zero trust

How to stop worrying and love zero trust

If you want to work remotely from home — or stay on the move as a digital nomad — you can thank zero trust for making that possible.

Ariel Weintraub, CISO, MassMutual

MassMutual’s Ariel Weintraub on bringing more intelligence to security

For the insurance company CISO, a do-it-yourself approach to security analytics and SOC staffing, pays off in increased agility and quicker responses to threats.

us eu flag

US, EU reach preliminary data privacy agreement

US President Biden and EU President von der Leyen say deal underscores shared values over data privacy and security surrounding transatlantic information sharing.

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