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Biometrics and blockchains: the Horcrux protocol [part 3]

In this third and final article of the series, I discuss a new idea that will securely link your biometrics and online identity credentials via blockchain technologies.

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Identity management to-do list aligns with cybersecurity

Large organizations want to monitor user activities, move to multi-factor authentication, and get security more involved with IAM decisions.

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The internet of identities is coming and will bring massive IAM changes

New demands for scale, security and machine learning will support massive proliferation of internet-connected devices.

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Image management in identity management: a picture paints a thousand words

Image management can give us the tools to secure and optimize image-based PII.

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Getting rid of social security numbers is not the answer

It doesn’t matter what the data is, whether it’s a nine-digit number, a biometric marker or a barcode you carry with you at all times – if it’s not protected with the highest level of security available, it’s just another item for...

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Security Myths: Users hate multifactor authentication

Just stop bludgeoning them with multifactor authentication (MFA).

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Trust and the blockchain: a marriage made in heaven, or a divorce waiting to happen?

The story of a blockchain that may not break, but will bend.

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3 scary tech spooks and how to protect yourself

In this technology-dependent world, it’s no surprise we often come into contact with many threats and scams, but you don’t have to fall victim to them. Check out the top 3 tech spooks I’ve had to deal with, and my recommendations for...

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Big picture security

Context and risk aware access control promises to make our industry more likeable.


When big data gets personal...and cloudy

What are the considerations for security and scalability when choosing cloud storage for identity platforms that service multiple millions, even billions of users?

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Biometrics and blockchains: Why identity matters [part 2]

One of the most common new applications for blockchains is digital identity. Today, your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate and other forms of identity are recorded primarily on paper, kept on your person or in filing...

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5 worst cybersecurity habits with catastrophic consequences

These cybersecurity habits can have devastating effects. Make sure you — and your employees — aren't following them.

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Equifax: A teaching opportunity

Equifax did just about everything wrong. Here's what's going to happen because of it.


The time for convergence Is now

Until today, anti-fraud, security and authentication activities in organizations have operated as largely-separate domains, with IT ops even more separated, in most cases. It won't be easy, but convergences is going to happen, and...

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Authenticating your customers: the tripartite of consumer authentication

Things to consider when choosing which authentication options to offer in identity systems for wide demographics. How the mix of security, usability, and customer attitude affects that choice.

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Identity data in the world of GDPR

The GDPR says that “The processing of personal data should be designed to serve mankind.“ How CIAM identity systems can help serve some of the privacy requirements of GDPR.

Which privileged identity management tools work best?

Discover what real users think of privileged identity management solutions

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Another day, another case of Grand Theft Data. Can a verified ID save the day?

How verified consumer identity can prevent mass-hacks like Equifax and others. Verified identity can be used alongside other technologies – such as blockchain, and anonymization – to prevent the exposure of data across multiple online...

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Back to school, part 2: no whaling allowed!

5 security safeguards to keep the CEO out of hot water.

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Enhancing API security: dynamic authorization to protect sensitive data

APIs that handle sensitive data pose security and data access control threats, require advanced security solutions. API Gateways effectively manage the authentication of the user and provide service orchestration capabilities. But if...

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