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Smart city internet of things with security camera

Identity and the smart city

IAMs next big outing.

continuous authentication

What is access control? 5 enforcement challenges security professionals need to know

Access controls authenticate and authorize individuals to access the information they are allowed to see and use.

facial recognition - biometric security identification - binary face

Cloud computing chaos is driving identity management changes

Cloud and mobility are exacerbating problems in an already-fragile IAM infrastructure. This will drive changes to single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, IAM centralization, and skills.

laptop security breach password identity theft hacker

Cybercriminals impersonate Outlook and DocuSign to steal your identity

Attackers are now impersonating popular web services like Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign and Google Docs to trick you to freely give up your credentials.

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Transforming secure access to take on today’s cyber threats

Last year, 81% of cyber attacks involved compromised passwords—up from 63% the previous year. How much worse can it get? Let’s not wait around to find out.

eliminate insider threats 1

Are you you?

Are insiders really threats or part of the solution?

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

What is identity management? IAM definition, uses, and solutions

Identity and access management products provide IT managers with tools and technologies for controlling user access to critical information within an organization.

security map digital encryption identity

What is Zero Trust? A model for more effective security

The technologies that support Zero Trust are moving into the mainstream. Here's why security experts say it might be the best way to stop data breaches.

facial recognition - biometric security identification

Privacy and metrics of testing and staging environments

Why data privacy should be respected throughout testing as well as production.

facial recognition - biometric security identification - binary face

Abuse: a new category of threat

There are many different ways for users to abuse accounts, the solutions to which rack up costs and create drag on internal resources. And some fixes may cause more problems than they solve.

package delivery

Who are you really inviting in?

The hackable doorknob next door…

facial recognition - biometric security identification

How the private sector can learn from government cybersecurity guidance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been the voice of consensus and reference material in identity management cybersecurity best practices by outlining the requirements and providing insightful reference...

continuous authentication

Security myths: modern federation is enough

What exactly is federation and what does it have to do with single sign-on?

facial recognition - biometric security identification - binary face

GDPR turbocharges identity and access management spending

Thanks to the GDPR, the identity and access management (IAM) market is predicted to reach $16 billion by 2022.

identity - identification - hack - fake - fraud - disguise - liar

Microservices for IAM: container security and personal data

Using containers and microservices to provide better IAM.

Internet of Things city superimposed on padlock

Enterprises must address Internet of Identities challenges

No one owns identity at many organizations and identity skills are lacking. In lieu of a solution, these issues could lead to IoT roadblocks and security vulnerabilities.

6 password

Ready for more secure authentication? Try these password alternatives and enhancements

Password-only authentication is dead. Combine passwords with multifactor authentication, social login, biometrics, or risk-based authentication to better protect users and your reputation.

4 credentials

Credential recovery: disaster recovery for the consumer

The question is, help desk vs. self-service?

harry potter wizards logo

Biometrics and blockchains: the Horcrux protocol [part 3]

In this third and final article of the series, I discuss a new idea that will securely link your biometrics and online identity credentials via blockchain technologies.

2 token authentication locks

Identity management to-do list aligns with cybersecurity

Large organizations want to monitor user activities, move to multi-factor authentication, and get security more involved with IAM decisions.

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