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Huawei Sues Motorola to Protect Intellectual Property

Once upon a time, Huawei Technologies and Motorola formed a cooperative partnership for wireless technology. Now that Motorola is in the midst of selling off the wireless network business unit to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), though,...

Huawei Sues Motorola for IP Infringement

Huawei files a lawsuit against Motorola over its planned sale of a division to Nokia Siemens.

Huawei: More Trials of TD-LTE in Asia Expected

The next generation mobile technology TD-LTE will see more trials across Asia in the coming year, but commercial use will take longer than in North America and Europe, according to Chinese networks supplier Huawei.

Chinese Instant-Messaging Giant Tencent to Launch Smartphone

Tencent, the company behind China's most popular instant messaging client QQ, is planning to launch its own Android smartphone in the country.

Four Technologies for Faster Broadband in 2011

A number of different technologies are being developed or improved to offer higher speeds for fixed and mobile broadband networks, as operators are preparing to compete with each other and carry video traffic in 3D and at higher...

Huawei Open Security Test Center in the UK

Huawei Technologies has opened a security testing center in the U.K. to ensure its products meet government standards, the company announced Monday.

Ericsson Objects to New Indian Telecom Rules

Ericsson has objected to new rules introduced by India's Department of Telecommunications (DOT) last month, which among other things require equipment vendors to give the Indian government the right to inspect software source code and...

Huawei-Branded Mobile Phones to Sell in India Market

Huawei Technologies said on Thursday that it is entering the Indian market with phones that will be sold through retail channels under its brand.

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