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Google launches entry-level cybersecurity certificate to teach threat detection skills

The six-month course requires no prior cybersecurity experience and aims to help fill the growing number of open roles.

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The hidden security risks in tech layoffs and how to mitigate them

Layoffs can be tough for both companies and employees. When grappling with anger, fear, and uncertainty, it's hard for anyone to be at their best. Here are some strategies for avoiding negative outcomes during layoffs.

Time-lapse photography of busy pedestrian traffic on a city street.

Top risks and best practices for securely offboarding employees

Outgoing employees pose significant security risks to organizations. Here are some of the major issues with offboarding and what CISOs can do to make staff offboarding strategies more resilient.

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Economic headwinds could deepen the cybersecurity skills shortage

Security professionals will remain in high demand, but economic fallout will make hiring even harder.

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Veterans bring high-value, real-life experience as potential cybersecurity employees

Veterans come with a range of hard and soft skills acquired during their military service that often dovetail perfectly into a career in cybersecurity.

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How Marvel’s Avengers inspire Pinsent Masons CISO to adapt cybersecurity hiring

Pinsent Masons CISO Christian Toon discusses the need to challenge hiring practices to attract and keep cybersecurity talent.

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5 ways to grow the cybersecurity workforce

The cybersecurity workforce shortage and related skills gap stubbornly persists. Here are five ways to attract talent now.

Selecting the right people.

4 strategy game-changers for finding cybersecurity talent

Some CISOs are shaking up their staffing plans to address the challenges of recruiting, hiring and retaining cybersecurity workers – and finding success in their moves.

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How a sex worker became a defense contractor employee -- and an insider threat

An accomplished research scientist manipulated a defense contractor CEO into hiring a prostitute for a technical role. Here's how this insider threat could have been avoided.

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6 security analyst job description red flags that make hiring harder

With security professionals in short supply, it pays to ensure your job postings aren’t turning away good candidates. Here are six things experts say to avoid and what to do instead.

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How the US DHS develops hard-to-find cybersecurity skills

The Department of Homeland Security's Amanda Conley tells how she finds and uplevels specialized and expensive cybersecurity talent on a government budget.

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6 tips for effective security job postings (and 6 missteps to avoid)

With demand for security professionals outstripping supply, employers need to ensure their job postings hit the mark. Here’s how to write a security job posting that attracts qualified candidates.

Intelligent workspaces - Redefining the future of work

Latest Cyberspace Solarium Commission 2.0 Report focuses on cyber workforce

The June 2022 report offers recommendations to the private sector, U.S. Congress, and the federal government to build up the nation's cybersecurity talent pool.

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Making security a more welcoming field for women

Job postings that suggest a frat house mindset, work-life imbalance, and pay gaps are among the areas companies should focus on if they want to hire and keep more women cybersecurity professionals.

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TIAA boosts cybersecurity talent strategy with university partnership

CISO Tim Byrd teams up with New York University Tandon School of Engineering to create a new educational pathway for TIAA employees.

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Diversity in cybersecurity: Barriers and opportunities for women and minorities

Women and minorities interested in cybersecurity face headwinds. Here’s a look at the challenges they face and what can be done.

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8 top ethical hacking certifications employers value

If you're looking for a job as a penetration tester, these certs will help you demonstrate your hacking skills and your commitment to the field.

Simon Hepburn, CEO, UK Cyber Security Council

How the UK Cyber Security Council Careers Route Map addresses workforce shortages

The UK Cyber Security Council CEO Simon Hepburn discusses how the self-regulatory body’s Careers Route Map is helping job seekers enter and succeed in the UK cybersecurity industry.

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