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What is a data scientist? A key data analytics role and a lucrative career

The data scientist role varies depending on industry, but there are common skills, experience, education and training that will give you a leg up in starting your data science career.

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8 reasons why your resume isn't getting noticed

Not getting any bites on your resume? You might be making one or more of these eight common resume mistakes.

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Technology must be part of solution for empowering rural women and girls

United Nations addresses challenges to create and expand economic opportunity for rural women and girls, but the world must commit to technology-driven solutions. And as we face increasing cyberthreats, shouldn’t women be part of the...

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How to hire the right analysts for your intelligence program

As someone who’s been deeply involved in virtually every aspect of hiring and job-seeking in security and intelligence, I can attest firsthand that while the process is rarely easy, it’s worth the effort.

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Half the world is female, so why do women only make up 1% of security leaders?

Collectively championing the business value of diversity – we can broaden the conversation and truly make a difference in both the cybersecurity industry – and the world.

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Improving security with diversity beyond the checkbox

Security and diversity mean being compliant and fair, but also mean you need to get the widest possible range of perspectives.

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Cybersecurity skills shortage

From vendor agnostic, standards and skills-based training to a commitment to inspiring the next generation to join the industry in the first place, everyone demanding a solution to cyber security skills shortage today needs to step up...

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Statement of issue with the cybersecurity jobs gap

The current message on cybersecurity education and the jobs gap isn’t congruent with the needs of the industry. Integrating targeted and specific education as part of a risk management plan will do a better job of addressing those...

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7 IT salary and hiring trends for 2018

Demand for tech talent will continue to outpace supply in the year ahead, while the mix of skills necessary to remain relevant in IT will undergo a significant shift.

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From consumer to vendor: security career advice and lessons learned

Making the jump from the operational side to the vendor side can be a big decision, which is why I’d like to reflect on my own experience and share some of my lessons learned and advice picked up along the way.

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How to hire top cybersecurity talent for your company

As cyber threats continue to grow in volume and intensity, companies need top-tier cybersecurity talent to successfully fend off these attacks.

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The interdependency of people, policy and products amid a cybersecurity talent shortage

As the shortage of skilled security staff widens, the effects on policy and products in overall security organization must be factored into the choice to pursue alternative sources of talent.

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Dealing with a shortage of information security and IT skill sets

There is no question that there is a shortage of data security, information security, and cybersecurity skill sets across the globe.

CIO Leadership live with Bernie Gracy of Agero

CIO Leadership Live with Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer of Agero | Ep 1

In this lively hourlong discussion, Maryfran Johnson, executive director of CIO programs for CIO Events and the CIO Executive Council, talks with Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer of Agero, the largest provider of roadside...

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Top security certifications by infrastructure

With the rising need for skilled cybersecurity professionals across all 16 critical infrastructures, here's an easy reference to infrastructure-specific certifications in cybersecurity. This is based on conversations with...

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The rise of the cheap information security officer

When it comes to hiring a CISO, firms get what they pay for. And they’ll have to live with the consequences when they try to be security misers.

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InfoSec careers for military veterans

Advice for military veterans interested in information security careers.

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Too much technology and not enough people

Cybersecurity technology can act as a force multiplier, automating menial and trivial tasks, but this still requires a force to multiply. And while technology can make challenging tasks easier to accomplish, it doesn’t accomplish them...

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