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Medical devices: Embedded product security

Medical devices may have significant security risks associated with them. Let's look at the vulnerabilities they may have.

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Who's Down with MPC? (Yeah, You Know Me!)

MultiParty Computation improves data security by calculating encrypted information - what is not revealed cannot be leaked.

Healthcare: Are you prepared to trade privacy for treatment?

The U.S. HHS Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force and the U.K.'s ICO in separate reports highlight the need to better protect patients' information.

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Need a fix? Steal patient data

Trusted insiders within the healthcare sector with access to patients, patient data and dispensaries, have unencumbered access to sensitive data and drugs. William Osler Health System (Canada) had one of their insiders break trust and...

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4 reasons why healthcare needs a digital code of ethics

There is the distinct possibility that the best use of health information technology is to find new ways to listen to patients and enhance the doctor patient relationship rather than dictate or placate it. Ethics, and not data...

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Why social media needs to have a code of ethics for clinical research

While social media and the Web’s collective usefulness as a research tool is significant, there are inherent ethical issues concerning consent, voluntariness, scientific merit and confidentiality that have yet to be addressed by the...

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Healthcare security and HIPAA: Why compliance and security are still lacking

A number of healthcare data breaches have made the news of late, particularly involving large insurance companies and data clearinghouses. Often overlooked in press reports are the smaller practices, which are, from my experience,...

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Thousands of medical devices are vulnerable to hacking, security researchers say

Thousands of medical devices, including MRI scanners, x-ray machines and drug infusion pumps, are vulnerable to hacking, creating significant health risks for patients, security researchers said this week.

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Healthcare firms three times more likely to see data breaches

Companies in the healthcare sector are three times more likely to encounter data theft than the average firm, according to a report released this morning

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More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised

A survey of IT leaders in healthcare revealed that 81% of them believe their systems have been compromised by at least one malware, botnet or some other cyber-attack in the past two years, placing patient sensitive data at risk.

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Patients must know the perils of online medical research

Doing simple medical searches online can leave consumers vulnerable to a wide range of privacy compromises.

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Symantec: Well-heeled hacking group Black Vine behind Anthem breach

Black Vine has been active since 2012 and is behind several hacks targeting different industries

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US govt guide aims to bolster security of mobile devices used in health care

Health care providers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for tasks such as accessing and transferring medical records, and submitting prescriptions, but these devices may not be secure enough to protect sensitive medical...

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How to overcome roadblocks facing the security of embedded medical devices

There are a variety of concerns in regards to protecting patient data collected on wearable devices. To secure the information a number of roadblocks must be identified and overcome.

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Hijacked medical devices can leave networks exposed

Hacked medical devices can pose dangers to patients, but they can also serve as lairs from which malware finds its way into medical facilities’ networks and persists even after initial attacks have been cleaned up.

Re-thinking doctor-patient communications in the digital age

In recent weeks, the appropriateness of email communication has come under heavy scrutiny as the media revealed that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a personal email account during her tenure as secretary of state. Professor Eric...

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Health data breaches could be expensive and deadly

Healthcare-related data breaches could not only be expensive, but also life-threatening, experts say, and traditional credit monitoring provides little protection.

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Healthcare breaches need a cure for human errors

Digital health records are a prime target for cyber criminals. The information can be used in a variety of ways, from identity theft to fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. It retains its value much longer than credit card...

Government's five healthcare sharing goals

38 government agencies to collect, share Americans' electronic health records

Why does the Bureau of Prisons need access to the health records of non-felon Americans? It is just one of 38 federal agencies that are slated to help collect, share and use electronic health information, according to the recently...

Healthcare organizations still too lax on security

Data breach at Community Health is symptom of broader problem, security experts say

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