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The Sony hacker indictment: 5 lessons for IT security

The recent indictment of North Korean hacker Park Jin Hyok contains valuable information from the FBI’s investigation that will help you defend against similar attacks.

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Sophisticated mobile spyware Pegasus found in the US and 44 other countries

Ten Pegasus operators deployed the Pegasus spyware for cross-border surveillance and may be violating U.S. law.

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Can you hack me now?

How identity-based networking can protect your LTE connections from attack.

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Hackers clone Tesla Model S key fob in 2 seconds to steal car

Belgium researchers quickly cloned the key fob of a Tesla Model S designed by Pektron. Tesla fixed the vulnerability, but McLaren, Karma and Triumph systems are also likely vulnerable.

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British Airways hack was by same group that compromised Ticketmaster

The British Airways hack involved a highly targeted approach using 22 lines of skimmer code by the group that compromised Ticketmaster.

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What is a botnet? And why they aren't going away anytime soon

Controlling thousands or even millions of devices gives cyber attackers the upper hand to deliver malware or conduct a DDoS attack.

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4 frameworks you need to protect your digital enterprise against the latest cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity attacks are getting vicious, expensive and bringing entire businesses to their knees. CIOs and CISOs don’t have time to reinvent the wheel and should adapt US Government and Department of Defense lighthouse frameworks...

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Bad OpSec led to the downfall of teenage DDoS-for-hire group leader

A UK teenager and leader of a DDoS-for-hire group pleaded guilty to three counts of making fake bomb threats that affected thousands of students and resulted in the grounding of a United Airlines flight.

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It’s time to get off the treadmill: Why you should understand adversary playbooks

Flipping the equation on known adversaries by developing and deploying controls at locations on the intrusion kill chain designed specifically for these known playbooks will increase a company’s ability to block an attack. The...

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Over 3,700 exposed 3D printers open to remote attackers

Thousands of exposed 3D printers open to remote attackers could be used for sabotage, espionage, or spying. OctoPrint responded with a guide to safe remote access.

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7,500 MikroTik routers compromised, traffic forwarded to attackers

Attackers have exploited a flaw in thousands of unpatched MikroTik routers, sending traffic to unknown attacker-controlled IPs.

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Bitfi removes unhackable claim from crypto wallet

Bitfi struck the ridiculous unhackable claim from its crypto wallet, while Bitfi backer John McAfee taunts hacker with offer of $20 million for hack.

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Cryptojacking attacks spiked in first half of 2018

Cryptojacking attacks, fileless malware, and malware with small file sizes all increased in the first half of 2018 as cyber thugs tried to use more covert tactics.

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Why abandoned domain names are so dangerous

Abandoned domain names are low-hanging fruit for attackers, who can use them to access sensitive email or customer data.

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Microsoft disrupted Russian hacking campaign aimed at US midterm elections

Microsoft brings down the hammer on Russian hacking campaign aimed at US midterm elections.

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Why you should consider crowdsourcing IT security services

Whether you need a pentesting team, a bug bounty program, or a vulnerability disclosure plan, several crowdsourcing platforms can take the risk and pain from the process.

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Where Chicken Little meets information security

Outside of a movie theater, your plane won’t be hacked out of the sky.

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Security flaws in police body cameras open the devices to attack

A researcher presenting at Def Con 26 said security flaws in police body cameras could enable hackers to edit and delete footage and weaponize the devices with malware.

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Attackers could ‘faxploit’ all-in-one printer to penetrate network and steal data

At Def Con 26, researchers revealed pwnage via fax. Hackers need only a fax number to infiltrate networks and exfiltrate data.

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3 reasons companies fail to assess the scope of a data breach

Best advice: Understand your data, have proper event logging in place, and test your incident response plan. (You do have one, don’t you?)

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