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Hackers are good, not bad

From now on, 'hackers' should refer to white hats instead of black hats.

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Scan the dark web for threat intelligence

It may be possible to glean valuable security insights by monitoring the dark web.

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Researcher drops 15-year-old macOS zero-day that leads to full system compromise

A researcher released details of a macOS kernel exploit, which has been around for more than a decade, that could allow an attacker to get root access.

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Forever 21: Hackers breached payment system for 7 months

Forever 21 confirmed hackers breached its payment system for seven months and admitted encryption was turned off on some point-of-sale (POS) devices.


More cybersecurity drama, but some hope for defenders in 2018

And this for the short descriptive sentence: From fileless malware attacks to attack attribution becoming more complex, 2018 won't offer less security drama. But there's still good reason for security professionals to be optimistic...

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Leaked 1.4 billion credentials a risk to users and business

A more nuanced conversation is required to understand the risks that this interactive database poses to organizations.

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Train your employees — before someone else does

Slashing overhead often means cutting training budgets, but unintended side effects often include employee attrition, poor performance, or even breach of your organization and loss of intellectual property.

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Why incident response is the best cybersecurity ROI

Former White House CIO says unexpected breaches can wreak havoc on a company's bottom line. Proper incident response planning can mitigate damage costs.

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The next wave? Modular component malware against industrial control safety systems

While there exist no imminent, specific, directly attributable credible threats against energy infrastructure in North America, attacks against Ukraine’s energy sector have occurred each December since 2015.

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What’s a known vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a vulnerability, whether known or not. The key difference between the two is the likelihood of an attacker to be aware of this vulnerability, and thus try to exploit it.

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5 trends from 2017 that will still matter in 2018

There were too many lessons to count, so here are 5 things that aren’t going away any time soon.

state of infosec 2018 intro

What’s in store for security in 2018?

2018 will be a crucial year in determining our strength against vicious hackers. Here’s a glimpse at what we can expect.

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Popular streaming sites secretly mine cryptocurrency while you watch free movies

AdGuard discovered crypto-jacking schemes at Openload, Streamango, Rapidvideo and OnlineVideoConverter, affecting nearly 1 billion users per month.

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Researchers' tool uncovers website breaches

UCSD researchers' Tripwire tool uncovered website breaches, yet none of the sites disclosed the breaches to customers after they were told of the hack.

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5 top machine learning use cases for security

Machine learning will make sense of the security threats your organization faces and help your staff focus on more valuable, strategic tasks. It could also be the answer to the next WannaCry.

data breach predictions

Top 5 cybersecurity concerns for 2018

These predictions are just a handful of the many threats we'll see. Our solutions need to evolve with the threats and provide multiple layers of protection

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Researchers use BlueSteal to remotely crack ‘smart’ handgun safe in seconds

Researchers hacked a Bluetooth-enabled gun safe, Vaultek VT20i, showing how the 'smart' safe can be remotely opened in mere seconds using a laptop.

01 intro prediction

Cybersecurity trends for 2018

2017 was dominated by news of major hacks, cybersecurity threats and data breaches. What will 2018 have in store?

botnet bots

What is a botnet? And why they aren't going away anytime soon

Controlling thousands or even millions of devices gives cyber attackers the upper hand to deliver malware or conduct a DDoS attack.

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Software development teams: please don't think like a hacker!

Figuring out what to tell the developers to do is not as easy as telling them write secure code.

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