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Feds asked to sit out Defcon hacking conference this year

Some hackers don't like the idea of socializing with government agents at Defcon following recent US surveillance revelations


Brazilian government wants answers from US after reports of NSA spying in Brazil

The NSA reportedly leverages the partnerships that a U.S. telecommunications firm has with foreign companies to access foreign data

NSA can retain encrypted communications of Americans possibly indefinitely

Leaked document details the procedures used by the NSA to limit data collection from US citizens

UK spy agency reportedly intercepted email of delegates at G20 meetings in 2009

The British intelligence agency targeted email accounts, computers and phones used by foreign delegates, leaked documents allegedly show

Spy-proof enterprise encryption is possible, but daunting

Privacy concerns are top of mind in light of revelations about NSA data collection

NSA whistleblower likely had easy access to classified data

Even low-level systems admins like Snowden often get very high-level privileges for normal IT tasks, security experts say


FAQ: 5 things known and alleged about NSA surveillance

Here's what we know so far


Prism leaker steps forward, cites 'massive surveillance machine'

The NSA contractor who gave the press documents related to government surveillance has fled to Hong Kong

Privacy groups, some lawmakers rip into NSA surveillance

Reports of massive information collection from phone and Internet companies may violate the Constitution, critics say

Reports: NSA, FBI collecting content from Google, Facebook, other services

Major Internet companies let US agencies probe their servers, the Washington Post and the Guardian eported

U.S. power companies under frequent cyberattack

Legislation that would give the federal government power to oversee the protection of utilities has stalled

Breached dam data poses no threat to public, Army says

Someone with fraudulent credentials was given government-level access to national dam database for months

How many igovt IDs are real?

Department of Internal Affairs admits it doesn't know how many duplicate igovt logons are being created

China's Defense Ministry calls accusations of state-sponsored hacking groundless

China's Defense Ministry points to flaws in claims that the nation's military supports cyberespionage

Japan police offers first-ever reward for wanted hacker

Japan's National Police Agency has posted a US$36,000 reward for a case in which it wrongly arrested men with hacked PCs

Judge throws out Ohio lawsuit over software on vote tabulation machines

Plaintiff produces no evidence to show software posed a threat to vote integrity, federal judge rules

Despite e-voting improvements, audits still needed for ballot integrity

E-voting technologies have gotten more reliable since 2000, Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project says

Future cyber attacks could rival 9-11, cripple US, warns Panetta

The Secretary of Defense laid out why the military should be involved in defending critical infrastructure

Facial recognition may need regulating

Congress might need to pass legislation to limit the way government agencies and private companies use facial recognition technology to identify people, a U.S. senator said recently. The growing use of facial recognition tools...

Governments should invest more in catching cybercriminals, researchers say

Investing in law enforcement action against cybercriminals is more important than buying cybersecurity software, researchers say

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