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After FTC crackdown, users chronicle tech support scam calls

Scammer uses profanity when he figures out intended victim is on to his game

As scareware scammers shift to telemarketing, FTC acts

A federal court has stopped the operations of several companies that allegedly used telemarketers masquerading as computer technicians to scare tens of thousands of consumers into buying unneeded antivirus services. The order, issued...

As scareware scammers shift to telemarketing, FTC acts

Federal Trade Commission requests and court stops bogus antivirus operations of several companies

FTC gets $163 million ruling against scareware defendant

The Ukrainian operation told computer users their PCs were infected and sold them software to fix the bogus problem

Phony Facebook application security tests? Say it ain't so, Zuckerberg

How can we explain the FTC's discovery that, for close to a year, Facebook operated a for-profit application security testing service that was little more than a sham?

Regulation of facial recognition may be needed, US senator says

The growing use of facial recognition by law enforcement agencies and companies raises privacy concerns, Franken says

Privacy groups hail Google, FTC settlement over Apple Safari tracking

Likely $22.5M settlement largest ever levied by FTC on single company

Government slates meetings on mobile privacy standards

White House effort aims to bring industry, consumer groups to the table to jointly create new Internet privacy codes of conduct

Privacy self-regulation efforts are working, senators told

Rockefeller says he will continue to push for online privacy legislation

FTC goes after Wyndham for data beaches at its hotels

A little over a month after the FBI warned travelers of an uptick in data being stolen via hotel Internet connections, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and three of its...

Online data broker Spokeo settles FTC charges for $800,000

Company operated as a consumer-reporting agency without offering adequate protections, Federal Trade Commission says

White House launches coordinated effort to battle botnets

Several groups announce plans to work together on new efforts to educate users, share information

FTC appoints privacy advocate as adviser

Law professor Paul Ohm has been a frequent critic of online privacy practices

Myspace settles FTC privacy complaint

The company did not live up to privacy promises that it would not share persona information without permission, the FTC alleged

What the FTC recommendations mean for online privacy

The Federal Trade Commission this week released its final report on online consumer privacy that recommended implementing a universal "Do Not Track" standard, a centralized website for data brokers and more. Christopher Wolf, the...

RockYou Settles Pending Charges for $250K Over Data Breach

Online social gaming site RockYou has agreed to pay $250,000 in civil penalties and make other concessions after a 2009 data breach

FTC Issues Privacy Report, Calls for Do-Not-Track Tool

The Federal Trade Commission on Monday released the long-awaited final version of its report on online consumer privacy, issuing a set of recommendations broadly consistent with an earlier draft, including a call for a do-not-track...

Privacy regulators: US and EU will take different approaches

Both governments push for new online privacy standards, but EU officials question US enforcement efforts

Identity theft reporting system needs improvements, victims say

Unwanted pressure to buy protection services from credit reporting agencies and the inability to speak to a live person when reporting an identity theft situation were the two most annoying issues victims identified in a Federal...

US Senator Asks FTC to Investigate Apple, Google

Schumer calls on the agency to investigate apps that access the photos of mobile phone users

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