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A network of security components overlays a credit card payment made by laptop user.

PCI Secure Software Standard version 1.2 sets out new payment security requirements

Changes include the Web Software Module to help payment software vendors and developers identify and implement security controls to protect against attacks.

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Website offering spoofing services taken offline after joint operation

Law enforcement authorities in Europe, Australia and North America have arrested 142 people in connection with a website that allowed criminals to steal $120 million from victims that had fallen foul of spoofing campaigns.

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Blockchain security companies tackle cryptocurrency theft, ransom tracing

Cybercrime that involves cryptocurrency is at an all-time high, and some security companies hope to help prevent it.

CSO: Have you met these hackers? [slide 01]

Financial losses to synthetic identity-based fraud to double by 2024

Made-up financial identities will cause losses of nearly $2.5 billion, thanks to the prevalence of imposter scams.

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True crime shows might be the biggest educational tool for cybercrime awareness

Popular cultural depictions of fraud and cybercrime are raising awareness of the dangers posed to personally identifiable information by bad actors, according to a new study.

Dustin White, chief risk data officer, Visa

How Visa fights fraud

The financial services company has made massive investments in data and analytics to better detect and prevent fraud.

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The security user experience (SUX)

Security processes that treat the very users we protect as unwanted burdens and alienate them in the process are a path to failure.

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What is spear phishing? Examples, tactics, and techniques

Spear phishing is a targeted email attack purporting to be from a trusted sender. Learn how to recognize—and defeat—this type of phishing attack.

A network of security components overlays a credit card payment made by laptop user.

New PCI DSS v4.0 receives kudos for flexibility

Customization, multi-factor authentication are key features in PCI DSS v4.0 global payment benchmark.

iPhone counterfeiting case highlights risks of supply/support chain manipulation

The conspirators returned fake iPhones with legitimate IMEI numbers to Apple for warranty replacements, which they then sold. Key unanswered question: Did an insider provide the IMEI numbers?

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Why buy now, pay later is the next big fraud risk for retailers

BNPL is booming, catching the eye of fraudsters who seek to exploit the BNPL process for malicious gain. Here is an overview of the risks BNPL fraud poses with strategies for mitigating threats.

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FBI arrests social engineer who allegedly stole unpublished manuscripts from authors

The U.S. Department of Justice claims Filippo Bernardini leveraged knowledge gained by working at Simon & Schuster and other publishers to create fake identities and websites to steal intellectual property.

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What is Magecart? How this hacker group steals payment card data

Hacking groups that make up Magecart are effective and persistent at stealing customer and payment card data through skimmers. Here's how they work and what you can do to mitigate the risk.

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Security lessons from 2021 holiday shopping fraud schemes

Here are four ways fraudsters targeted the 2021 shopping period with insight into how retailers can prevent and defend against exploitation.

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FCC asks carriers to step up to stop SIM swapping, port-out fraud

The US federal agency puts pressure on telecom carriers to put better authentication, account protection safeguards in place.

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Why Australian property and real estate CISOs need to be on high alert

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting settlement agents and lawyers to intercept property settlements. Technical safeguards are only part of the defense—arguably harder is managing the human element.

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7 new social engineering tactics threat actors are using now

Old tactics in new packages lead the list of current social engineering attacks. Experts provide real-world examples.

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How and why deepfake videos work — and what is at risk

Once the bailiwick of Hollywood special effects studios with multi-million-dollar budgets, now anyone can download deepfake software and use machine learning to make believable fake videos. This makes a lot of people nervous.

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