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Chinese Firewall'S Most Blocked Terms

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How to Build Multiple Layers of Security for Your Small Business

Most of us have heard about the concept of building a defense in depth in order to protect computer resources from black hat hackers. The idea revolves around the use of multiple defenses to thwart, or at least limit, the damage...

Mozilla Gives CAs a Chance to Come Clean About Certificate Policy Violations

Mozilla asks CAs to revoke all sub-CA certificates that are used for SSL traffic interception, or face penalties if found out later

Managing the unmanageable

Cloud firewall management vendors unleash new wares aimed to taming virtual firewall sprawl.

RFID Credit Cards Are Easy Prey for Hackers, Demo Shows

With a simple hack and minimal equipment, a security researcher demonstrates how easily thieves can make your data their own.

F5 Says Big-IP is a Network Firewall

F5's Big-IP application delivery controllers are now certified as network firewalls, meaning they can replace separate network firewalls businesses might already have in place to meet regulators' requirements. With one less device to...

Check Point Supports Cloud Security for Amazon Web Services

Check Point and Amazon Web Services are teaming up to enable Check Point Security Gateway functionality to boost cloud security for business assets. The arrangement has Amazon supplying the physical platform for a virtual version of...

Juniper Vs. Palo Alto: Next-Gen Firewall Legal Brawl

Juniper Networks says that Palo Alto Networks is infringing on its next-generation firewall technology, which was invented by Palo Alto's founders but for which Juniper holds the patents. Juniper claims in a lawsuit filed in U.S....

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012: a Two-Way Firewall with Room for Improvement

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 gives good protection against hackers, but we'd like it better if it protected against Web-based exploits too

Cisco CSO on self-defending networks: The marketing's dead, the goal's alive

Cisco security chief John Stewart on the future of the 'self-defending network' and why IT security shops must return to basics

Sourcefire Shipping Its First Two App-Aware, Next-Gen Firewalls

Sourcefire Monday said it expects to begin shipping its first two next-generation firewall appliances later this month, entering an increasingly crowded market. BACKGROUND: What you should know about next-generation...

7 Charged with Using Malware to Rack Up $14M in Fake Ad Revenue

The Justice Department says the defendants hijacked millions of computers and manipulated traffic on popular websites.

WatchGuard Launches IOS-Friendly Security Appliance

iPad and iPhone users can access corporate resources securely

Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto Among Firms in Security Contest

In the security popularity contest of the moment, Cisco and Juniper are down and Palo Alto Networks and Check Point are up when it comes to network firewalls, according to one research firm. Research firm TheInfoPro asked 182 IT...

Twitter Scoops Up Mobile Security Developer Whisper Systems

Software from Whisper Systems offers full disk encryption and other security software for Android phones

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network: 8 Tips for Small Businesses

By default, Wi-Fi is not secure. But these best practices will help you lock down and encrypt your company's wireless connections.

Cisco How-to Guides for Firewalls, IPv6, Contact Centers and Security Exams

If you're ready for a technical deep dive in a book, the Cisco Networking Technology Series provides that in its collection of volumes on topics that include Cisco firewalls, Cisco Unity Connection voice-messaging platform, Cisco...

Security technology or staffing gap: Which is the greater enterprise challenge?

Two recent surveys indicate that the answer may be both.

They are the 11 percent (or less) who really get security

Our survey shows only a small percentage of respondents making a top priority of data protection, strengthened governance and risk-based investments.

Security Manager's Journal: Sometimes Even Managers Get Their Hands Dirty

When you have a skeleton crew but a long list of things that need to get done, it just makes sense to do them yourself

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