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Web applications are attacked one out of three days, report says

A typical Web application gets attacked 137 times in 59 separate days during a six-month period, Imperva says

Tool released at Black Hat contains 150 ways to bypass Web application firewalls

New tool can test if Web application firewalls are vulnerable to protocol-level evasion techniques

Cyberoam fixes SSL snooping hole in network security appliances

Cyberoam issues a hotfix for UTM appliances after the default private key used for SSL traffic inspection gets leaked online

Next-gen firewalls can handle the heat

In Network World's two-part test, reviewers David Newman and Joel Snyder put A next-generation firewalls through the ringer. They found that products could forward packets at an impressive clip but throughput dropped with advanced...

The firestorm over firewalls

Two days ago I declared that it was time to deep-six the firewall; the rebuttals were fast and furious. Here's my response

Why you don't need a firewall

Once, firewalls were useful for certain types of attacks. Now they're more trouble than they're worth -- and create a false sense of security into the bargain

Secure360: The failure of risk management

It's about securing the cloud right, aligning security with the business and a search for new ways for IT security to keep the attention of the enterprise.

Fortinet has highest catch rate in IPS testing

We tested the intrusion prevention capabilities of each of the next-generation firewalls to determine how well they work and how the IPS integrates with system management. We were especially concerned with the IPS workflow for false...

How we tested next-generation firewalls

We tested next generation firewalls by looking at seven separate areas that we felt would be important to network managers trying to deploy these products in enterprise networks. We evaluated the basic firewall functionality of each...

Basic firewall functionality: Check Point's maturity shows through

Enterprise firewalls must have policies to control traffic, ability to create site-to-site VPNs using standards-based IPsec, translate addresses and port numbers (NAT) when needed, and apply basic bandwidth management to traffic....

Check Point takes best approach to URL filtering

URL filtering has become a "checkbox" feature on most Unified Threat Management firewalls, and no wonder: it doesn't require a lot of imagination to do it right, and it's hard to really differentiate yourself or do a bad job of...

SonicWall stands tall in SSL decryption testing

If one of the main advantages of a next-generation firewall is application and protocol identification and control, then SSL decryption is a basic requirement. We looked at the SSL decryption capabilities of the next-generation...

Palo Alto next-gen firewall stacks up well

Palo Alto Networks has bet everything on being a next-generation firewall. Without the next-generation hook, Palo Alto has little chance at breaking into the established world of firewalls, and they've done a good job at defining the...

Next-gen firewalls require external visibility tools

Knowing what's happening on your network is a pre-requisite to controlling the traffic. We call that visibility because it combines all of the information the firewall knows, including session and application information, traffic...

Next-gen firewalls: Off to a good start

When we tested four next-gen firewalls strictly on performance, we found that the products could forward packets at impressive rates, but throughput dropped when advanced security features were turned on. We now dive deep into...

First Look: ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Launches Today

ZoneAlarm's first free antivirus/firewall suite makes its debut. PCWorld examines its features.

Survey: Screwing up network changes one of biggest causes for security, management failures

According to a survey of 182 IT security and operations professionals, one of the biggest security and management challenges they face is ... how they screw up their own networks. Yes, it's internal IT screw-ups caused by unscheduled...

Chinese Firewall'S Most Blocked Terms

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How to Build Multiple Layers of Security for Your Small Business

Most of us have heard about the concept of building a defense in depth in order to protect computer resources from black hat hackers. The idea revolves around the use of multiple defenses to thwart, or at least limit, the damage...

Mozilla Gives CAs a Chance to Come Clean About Certificate Policy Violations

Mozilla asks CAs to revoke all sub-CA certificates that are used for SSL traffic interception, or face penalties if found out later

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