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Perception Point launches managed security service to help eliminate web browser threats

Prevention-as-a-service vendor says its new managed security service lets users browse the web or access SaaS applications without exposing enterprise data to risk.

Mobile phone data privacy.

Mobile apps are a privacy nightmare. The Roe decision put them center stage.

Concerns about app data and location tracking put digital privacy rights in the cross hairs of abortion access debate

PC security

Concentric launches new data privacy and cybersecurity solution Eclipse

Private risk consultancy firm says its new solution is designed to protect individuals, families, and teams from digital risks as cybercrime continues to plague organizations across the globe.

network security / network traffic scanning

How to keep attackers from using PowerShell against you

New guidance shows how to harden PowerShell and make it more difficult for threat actors to hijack for malicious purposes.

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Italian spyware firm is hacking into iOS and Android devices, Google says

RCS Lab spyware uses known exploits to install harmful payloads and steal private user data, according to a Google report.

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How to audit Microsoft Active Directory

Patching alone won't fix all known Active Directory vulnerabilities. Here are the steps to audit your Active Directory domains and shore up weaknesses.

Linux security shield

Top Linux endpoint protection software

Malware attacks on Linux systems are on the rise. These free and low-cost tools provide good endpoint protection.

An abstract network of nodes or endpoints.

What Microsoft Defender can tell you about your network

Microsoft Defender for Business alerts can show what's happening in your network. The better you understand your network, the faster you can triage alerts.

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MITRE ATT&CK v11 adds ICS matrix, sub-techniques for mobile threats

The latest version of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework addresses two of the most pressing threat-actor targets: mobile devices and industrial control systems.

An abstract network of nodes or endpoints.

Syxsense launches vulnerability monitoring and remediation solution

The new solution promises to address three key elements of endpoint security – vulnerabilities, patching and compliance.

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Jamf beefs up enterprise security software for Mac

Network threat prevention, muscular analytics, and BYOD management are among new features offered in app suite.

Browsers version 100 bug

Akamai's new Hijacking Protector aims to block browser redirection

The Audience Hijacking Protector by Akamai is a cloud-based solution to help protect in-browser attacks including marketing fraud and other malicious redirections.

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Why you should patch the latest critical Windows RPC vulnerability right now

CVE-2022-26809 can allow attackers to compromise networks without user intervention, making it the most dangerous vulnerability fixed by Microsoft's April 12 Patch Tuesday update.

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Qualys Multi-Vector EDR update prioritizes alert response

The latest version of the Qualys Multi-Vector EDR tool includes additional threat-hunting and risk mitigation capabilities, improving alert prioritization and reducing the time needed to respond to threats.

Computerworld - Scary Tech [Slide-05] - Encryption systems with backdoors

Best advice for responding to today's biggest cyber threats

Scary new threats don't necessarily require big changes to your security infrastructure. These simple actions can be more effective and less disruptive.

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ESET refreshes enterprise products, embraces XDR

Auto-update, brute-force protection, and Android web control are among new features in ESET Protect.

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Malware detections surge from "COVID Bounce"

A year after pandemic peak, malicious threats to businesses and consumers rose above pre-virus levels, especially for mobile devices.

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Using Windows Defender Application Control to block malicious applications and drivers

WDAC allows security and IT admins to control which applications, drivers and certificates can run on Windows systems.

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SentinelOne to buy Attivo Networks for $617M, bringing ID-based security to XDR platform

Known as an endpoint protection vendor, SentinelOne is broadening its appeal by adding an identity-focused security layer to its Singularity XDR (extended detection and response) platform, in a $616.5 million deal.

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Webroot files patent infringement claim against Trend Micro

The lawsuit accuses Trend Micro of using Webroot's patented malware detection, network security, and endpoint protection technologies without authorization.

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