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Microsoft announcement/update/news/tips

Microsoft Intune Suite consolidates endpoint management and protection

Intune Suite will streamline endpoint management with added features for controlled and secure access.

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Growing number of endpoint security tools overwhelm users, leaving devices unprotected

A new study shows that the sprawl of new management and security tools can end up leaving some endpoints unprotected.

Quantum computing / security

QuSecure launches quantum-computing based security for endpoints

Quantum-based security with what’s advertised as “frictionless” deployment is now available from QuSecure.

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CloudSek launches free security tool that helps users win bug bounty

The company claims the tool has already helped users rake in over $70,000 in bug bounties from various software companies.

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11 top XDR tools and how to evaluate them

Extended detection and response tools provide a deeper and more automated means to identify and respond to threats. These are some of the most popular options.

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How to enable event collection in Windows Server

SIEM and SOAR allow enterprises to collect and correlate log event data but may not be the ideal choice for every organization. Microsoft’s Windows Event Forwarding aggregates system event logs from disparate systems.

Scanning for vulnerabilities.

Microsoft's rough 2022 security year in review

The ubiquity of Microsoft technology in organizations big and small make it a target for attack. These are the most important vulnerabilities and fixes from 2022 that admins need to know.

iCloud key

Apple finally adds encryption to iCloud backups

Apple has rolled out a number of security features that will now offer end-to-end encryption to protect data, including backups, contacts, notes, photos, and wallet passes. The company also announced hardware Security Keys for Apple...

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How to reset a Kerberos password and get ahead of coming updates

If you haven’t already, now is the time to reset your Kerberos password — take proactive action to ensure that you are one step ahead and prepared nearly a year in advance of future hardening.

Android Security

Android security: Which smartphones can enterprises trust?

A broad range of vendors means a broad range of security issues to understand and assess. But three Android vendors meet the highest security standards — and one should be avoided.

Security threat   >   One endpoint on a network has been compromised.

XDR: Still confusing after all these years

It’s time to stop debating about what XDR is and focus on how it fits in a security operations center modernization strategy.

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Why it's time to review your Microsoft patch management options

Microsoft does not appear to be updating Windows Software Update Services, but newer patch management options might be a better choice.

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Espionage campaign loads VPN spyware on Android devices via social media

Attackers built a fake online community and used a malicious VPN app to steal credentials and other user data.

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Malwarebytes pairs new MDR, EDR for overwhelmed cybersecurity teams

Malwarebytes MDR (managed detection and response) works by pairing EDR (end point detection and response) technology with a dedicated team of security analysts, providing both automated and human lines of defense.

HTTPS prefix in a web browser's search/address field

Secure web browsers for the enterprise compared: How to pick the right one

These enterprise-grade, Chromium-based web browsers are designed for the security needs of the enterprise, not the consumer.

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What are the new Windows 11 22H2 security features?

The September Windows 11 update add protections against malicious applications and drivers, phishing, credential misuse, and more.

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Cybersecurity startup launches mobile app to protect against phishing attacks

Israeli startup novoShield has released an iPhone app that protects users against malicious websites.

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In-app browser security risks, and what to do about them

Data security and privacy risks surrounding in-app browsers have been making headlines. These are the threats they pose and steps needed to minimize them.

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