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Cybercriminals impersonate Outlook and DocuSign to steal your identity

Attackers are now impersonating popular web services like Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign and Google Docs to trick you to freely give up your credentials.

email iot internet security

Email security in 2018

Things are going to get even crazier...

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Train your employees — before someone else does

Slashing overhead often means cutting training budgets, but unintended side effects often include employee attrition, poor performance, or even breach of your organization and loss of intellectual property.

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Business email fraud – financial scams under the guise of authority

A 1,300% increase in losses resulting from business email compromise is nothing short of an epidemic.

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Is all fair in simulated phishing?

We’ve all heard the saying “all is fair in love and war,” but what about when it comes to simulated phishing?

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Implementing DMARC: why email security should be the No. 1 priority

How implementing the email authentication protocol DMARC can secure your organization.

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How is your email security hygiene?

With the ongoing hacks of major corporations, many employees still don’t understand that when writing an email, there are security and hygiene issues that need to be considered before they hit the send button.

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The incredible success – and utter failure – of email

Security is always a balance between convenience and openness, versus risk. In that respect, email is no exception.

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How to minimize the risks of phishing scams

Employees are often the weakest link in your company's security chain. But with a little knowledge and foresight you can mitigate the risks. In this video, senior writer Sharon Florentine explains the anatomy of a phishing...

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How CIOs can fight the rise in shadow email

One feature of today’s cloud-centric landscape is just how many different services may be sending email on your company’s behalf. We call this “shadow email,” and like shadow IT, it lurks in the dark corners of your domain, making...

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Can Google’s Key Transparency make encrypted email ubiquitous?

The open nature of email makes implementing encryption complex. Google hopes to change that with its Key Transparency initiative.

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The economics of cyber is going in the wrong direction

We have overlooked many legacy security problems like spam. Spam is a constant problem and cost to both enterprises and users. Based on the number of spam messages sent each day and the potential for harm it deserves more recognition....

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Admin of anonymous, Tor-friendly email service has electronics seized at U.S. border

Should running an anonymous email service mostly used by 4chan or attending hacker conferences mean you should be detained by customs and have your electronic devices seized?

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How Clinton could have avoided the Wikileaks fiasco

Hillary Clinton's email server and her advisers' email accounts are no more or less vulnerable than most, but securing them would have been easy

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