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Insiders pose 'accidental' threat to business data, Symantec says

Blurring lines between home and office lead to data leakage

5 places your data goes to hide

From autosaved spreadsheets to test systems using real data -- CISOs warn of five oft-overlooked sources of data leaks

Worst security snafus of 2012

The first half of 2012 was pretty bad -- from the embarrassing hack of a conversation between the FBI and Scotland Yard to a plethora of data breaches -- and the second half wasn't much better, with events including Symantec's...

Symantec broadens encryption options for Apple mobile devices, Dropbox file-sharing

Symantec this week announced two new data encryption options, one that is file-based encryption for use with Dropbox, and the second that works as an extension to the Apple iOS mail client to encrypt and decrypt documents. ...

Sophos rolls out mobile apps for anti-malware and encryption

Sophos today announced a free anti-virus defense app for Google Android devices which works via the Sophos cloud-based service. Separately Sophos also made available Android and Apple iOS apps for securing files held in the cloud...

Dropbox going two-factor, becoming de facto

Move comes four weeks after the popular online file sharing service was hit by an embarrassing spam attack

Dropbox upgrades security with two-factor authentication

Users who desire a higher level of security can enter a one-time passcode

Dropbox gets a black eye in spam attack

Efforts to mature into a more enterprise-ready service take a hit

Dropbox blames employee account breach for spam attack

The company said it plans to introduce new protections to guard against account compromises

Email in security hot seat with rise of cloud, BYOD

Today's tech landscape makes for 'complex melting pot' of security challenges with once trusty, old email

Dropbox says no evidence of hack in investigation of spam

The investigation into potentially leaked email addresses is ongoing

Dropbox brings in outside team to investigate spam run

European users are complaining they've receive casino-related spam on email addresses they only use for Dropbox

Mitt Romney email and Dropbox accounts reportedly hacked

Campaign team remains evasive

Privacy advocates slam Google Drive's privacy policies

But Google says its policies are no more onerous than rival service providers

BYOD: IT Claims Security Fears but Blocks Angry Birds Instead

Zenprise survey of what policies businesses actually apply to smartphones and tablets yields surprising conclusions

The Cloud, Day 20: What About Security?

If I am going to store my personal photos, financial information, or other sensitive data online, I need to make sure it is safe.

Dropbox cloud was a haven for data thieves, researchers say

Files entrusted to cloud-storage provider Dropbox were susceptible to unauthorized access via three attacks devised by security researchers, but the provider has since closed the vulnerabilities. Dropbox could also be used as a place...

Dropbox Left Document Storage Accounts Open for Four Hours

Online storage service Dropbox accidentally turned off password authentication for its 25 million users for four hours on Monday -- although "much less than 1 percent" of those accounts were accessed during the period, the company...

Dropbox Admits it Suffered Serious Password Failure

Cloud file synchronisation company Dropbox has admitted that it suffered a serious security lapse that allowed an unknown number of users to log into any account using any password.

Researcher: Dropbox misrepresents security features

Cloud data storage and synchronization company Dropbox has been hit with a complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission alleging that the company has deceived consumers about the level of encryption security it offers.

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