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steal theft hacker crime laptop firewall

Sinovel Wind Group found guilty of IP theft, fined $1.5 million

While American Superconductor's data logs and stores were helpful in convicting Sinovel Wind Group of IP theft, a data loss prevention strategy could have identified the thieves' activities sooner.

security threats and vulnerabilities

When an insider rides Pegasus into the dark web

An NSO Group employee, who'd worked there for only about 90 days, copied the company's Pegasus software and offered it for sale on the dark web for $50 million.

headphones espionage monitoring

What is corporate espionage? Inside the murky world of private spying

Companies gather intelligence on their rivals just like nation-states do. Sometimes its legal, but industrial espionage can easily slip over the line into criminality.

survival tools, maps and notebook

CIA contractor secretly hoards his classified work

Former CIA contractor Reynaldo Regis pled guilty to keeping secret notebooks of his work within the CIA from 2006-2016 and storing the notebooks in his home.

Quantum Break

Chinese citizen tries to steal advanced robotic technology IP

Medrobotics' CEO caught Dong Liu in the company's conference room attempting to steal advanced robotic intellectual property.

intro biggest security startups 2018

The biggest security startup deals of 2018 (so far)

Recent VC investment in cybersecurity has tended to favor companies applying machine learning techniques to security problems. Here are some of the largest dealmakers that will be bringing you the next wave of security technology.

apple store

Apple means business when protecting intellectual property

Apple takes the protection of intellectual property very seriously. In 2017, it says 27 people were caught and 12 arrested for revealing inside information.

vulnerable gdpr breach security cyber attack

GDPR-defined personal data can be hard to find—here's where to look

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts the onus on organizations to better manage and personal data. But do they know where to find it? We list the areas most likely to be overlooked.

01 hot products at rsa 2018

Hottest cybersecurity products at RSA 2018

Here's a quick run-down of some of the new products announced at the conference, or shown there for the first time.

locked binary code and circuits

Why organizations need business-centric data protection

A data protection team can help your enterprise take the best steps towards reducing the business risks and data breaches.

4 prevention

GDPR: end user data loss prevention

The EU’s GDPR comes into force in May, bringing huge changes to data protection rules. But the risks are far wider than first thought. Without next generation technical solutions to support policies, enterprise data is not the only...

RSA conference 2017

RSA Conference: CISOs' top 4 cybersecurity priorities

When cybersecurity executives head to the RSA Conference, they will be looking for information about threat intelligence, SOAPA, business risk, and changing security perimeters.

Unified Endpoint Management

Is it time to unify endpoint management and security?

Modern unified management makes sense, and the industry is reacting by providing solutions. The question is whether enterprise organizations will use them.

European Union [EU] flag-lock on top of a map of Europe

Beware the GDPR vaporware

NetApp’s legal head Sheila FitzPatrick on why companies can’t simply buy or outsource their way to GDPR compliance.

programmers student coders hackathon

When employee access exceeds trust, IP goes missing

Companies may be tempting fate by giving interns deep access to company data, as these two examples of intellectual property theft show.

4 prevention

Detecting malicious insiders: a new use case for data loss prevention

A discussion with Symantec’s Nico Popp about how DLP has evolved over the years.

iot threats security

7 threat modeling mistakes you’re probably making

Threat modeling is a process for identifying and addressing security risks, but the relative lack of maturity around the practice can cause big problems for organizations seeking to adopt it.

7 response

Data breach fatigue requires better response planning

Customers may view data breaches as common, but companies have to nail the response, or risk a consumer backlash.

analyze / inspect / examine / find / research / data / magnifying glass

Of clouds and compliance: DLP + UEBA are back in the spotlight

Like many technologies before them that have needed to ripen on the vine for many years before accomplishing what they initially set out to do, DLP and user and entity behavior analytics now find themselves on the cusp of doing just...

fire chino hills california

Why staging a fake attack is only real thing to keep you secure

How the Napa County fires opened my eyes to the readiness - or lack thereof - most of us are to a real disaster, physical or digital.

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