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Does DevSecOps eliminate the segregation of duties between security and DevOps?

Yes, some cloud-native application development tools include basic security features. No, that does not mean DevOps should “own” security.

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Why securing containers and microservices is a challenge

Their granularity, deployment speed, and data traffic volume require new approaches to securing container environments.

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How lean development improved software security at Fannie Mae

Continual improvement methodologies strengthen security, shorten dev cycles and help the c-suite see infosec’s value.

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Secdevops or devsecops or devops next-generation (NG) – What is your take on devops?

Should devops adapt to include and incorporate new technologies and expand the community of practitioners?

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What is DevSecOps? Developing more secure applications

DevSecOps is about introducing security earlier in the life cycle of application development, thus minimizing vulnerabilities and bringing security closer to IT and business objectives.

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On cybersecurity and IT teams of the future, we'll all be SREs

Organizations that adopt the devsecops model will outperform their competitors that don’t.

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3 big application security trends of 2017

The application security headlines of the year 2017 seemed like more of the same grim news, but some appsec trends are reasons to be hopeful.

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