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As Consumer Sales Decline, Dell Sees Silver in the Cloud

Dell is reporting some success in its struggle to retool itself as a cloud and enterprise services provider, even as the company's consumer business continues to decline.

Businesses need to look at security as a military operation

LAS VEGAS -- Businesses need to look at security as a military exercise and can benefit from strategies that have proved useful in battle, a former military security expert told an Interop audience this week.

Group Offers Steps for FCC to Improve Broadband

An advisory committee recommends new steps the FCC can take to improve broadband deployment.

Botnet Takedown Sets Legal, Not Technical, Precedent

Security experts applaud the U.S. Department of Justice's foray into more aggressive tactics against cybercrime

Top Tech Vendors Renew Cloud Push

As the market for cloud services grows, big enterprise IT vendors are moving swiftly to develop cloud offerings that can attract the attention of large enterprises that have so far been slow to embrace the technology.

Dell customer email addresses accessed in Epsilon breach

An email sent out to Dell Australia customers is advising them that their emails may have been accessed by a third party after a security breach at Epsilon, a large US-based email marketing service provider.

Dell: ARM Servers Could Face Software Issues

Dell is experimenting with chips based on ARM processors in its servers, but the architecture faces software issues that could stop it from being a viable alternative to x86 in the short term, a company executive said on Wednesday.

Dell's Thinnest Laptop to Sport Sandy Bridge Chip

Dell will release an ultrathin laptop with Intel's latest Sandy Bridge chips in the next few weeks, the company said Monday.

MacBook Pro Vs. Dell XPS: is MacBook Pro Worth the Dough?

Apple unveiled a completely refreshed line of MacBook Pro laptops this week. The new MacBook Pros have a variety of improvements over their predecessors, and some unique features only available from Apple. But, as with all things...

Splashtop Linux: a Free Chrome OS Alternative

Web surfers tired of waiting for the official release of hardware featuring Google's Chrome OS now have a browser-based alternative right at their fingertips: Splashtop Linux 1.0, a downloadable instant-on operating system tailored to...

Analyst: HP, Motorola to Move in on Apple's Mobile PC Share

Apple Computer stands to lose its No. 1 rank in mobile PC sales this year as Hewlett-Packard and even Motorola eat into its market share, research firm DisplaySearch said late Tuesday.

PC Makers Rolling Out New Sandy Bridge Laptops

Lenovo and Sony on Tuesday announced faster laptops based on Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, which the PC makers said could offer longer battery life than models based on Intel's older chips.

Dumbest Tech Marketing Stunts of All Time

Two Dell employees last week put the maxim "There's no such thing as bad publicity" to the test after a hostage-themed marketing stunt focused on the Dell Streak tablet went about as badly as you'd expect.

Acer Returning to U.S. Server Market

Acer, the No. 4 PC maker in the U.S., has released a line of servers and storage products for this market.

As Cloud Grows, IT Hiring Flatlines

Corporate IT departments are increasing their spending on hardware and cloud services, but not on new hiring in this weak economy.

Self-encrypting drive sales on the rise, claims Seagate

Disk maker Seagate claims it is finally making some headway in its attempts to get businesses to start buying its self-encrypting drive (SED) products, with a tripling in sales in the last two quarters.

PC makers scramble in wake of Intel chip flaw revelation

Some PC makers are halting sales of PCs with Sandy Bridge processors as they try to work out issues related to Intel's faulty chipset, companies said on Wednesday.

DHS puts weight behind USC "mini-Internet" security testbed

The University of Southern California has signed a 5-year, $16 million contract with the Department of Homeland Security to expand USC's DETERlab "mini-Internet" security testbed.

Dell to acquire SecureWorks

Computer giant adds to security portfolio with SaaS provider.

Dell to Buy Medical Cloud Archiving Company

Dell plans to acquire cloud-based health-care archive services provider InSite. The move follows Dell's purchase of IT services provider Perot last year.

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