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International security team shoots down second Hlux/Kelihos botnet

A team of security experts cooperating globally say they've disabled a large botnet of about 110,000 remotely controlled infected machines dubbed HLux.B/Kelihos.B by interfering in its peer-to-peer connections in a "poisoning"...

SonicWall buy signals Dell's security ambitions

Dell has announced a deal to buy security equipment outfit SonicWALL for an undisclosed cash sum reported to be around the $1-$1.5 billion mark. If this figure is correct, it would mean that private equity group Thoma Bravo will have...

How to Catch an Internet Cyber Thief

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US Gov'T Falling Behind in Social-Media Race, Expert Says

Other governments and some companies are using social media to address dissent, a DARPA program officer said

Researcher Traces 'Gameover' Malware to Maker of Zeus

Cybercrime gang pays dev to build 'private' version of notorious money-stealing malware

Ten IT News Stories We'll Read in 2012

Whitman gets HP in order, cyberattacks get bigger and badder, Oracle and Google settle their Java dispute, and more

Spending on Security Companies Booming, PwC Finds

Everyone wants a piece of the industry

Duqu Spreads Using Zero-Day Word Exploit, Researchers Warn

Alarm grows as Microsoft works on patch

Duqu Not Created By Authors of Stuxnet Worm, Says Security Company

Analysis casts doubt on common authorship theory

Facebook-Led Foundation Pushes for Open Data Center Tech

Open Compute Project takes shape as industry heavyweights join in

Duqu, Stuxnet Link Unclear

Dell SecureWorks says there's little real proof that Duqu is related to Stuxnet

Web 2.0 Summit to Focus on Value, Pitfalls of Online Data

Speakers at this year's conference include Steve Ballmer, Paul Otellini, Marc Benioff, Michael Dell and Dick Costolo

Vending Machine Company Announces Major Data Breach

Up to 40,000 reported may be affected by breach of Vacationland Vendors machines at waterparks in Wisconsin, Tennessee

Researcher Follows RSA Hacking Trail to China

Malware used in the attack against RSA Security earlier this year was controlled from China, a well-known botnet researcher said Wednesday.

RSA's SecurID Breach Linked to China, Researcher Says

The breach of RSA, the security division of EMC, last spring in which sensitive information related to RSA SecurID tokens was stolen, can be traced back to an attack originating in China, a security researcher strongly believes based...

Botnet Called 'Practically Indestructible'

A new and improved botnet that has infected 4.5 million Windows PCs is "practically indestructible," security researchers say.

Republican Spectrum Plan Would Kill Net Neutrality

Public Knowledge criticizes a Republican proposal for spectrum auctions.

Massive Botnet 'indestructible,' Say Researchers

A new and improved botnet that has infected more than four million PCs is "practically indestructible," security researchers say.

Dell Plugs Hole in Virtualization Stack

Dell has filled the last big hole in its virtualization stack through a partnership with Netuitive, which makes analytics software for managing virtual infrastructure, Netuitive and industry analysts have confirmed.

Laptop Thieves Stopped! Amazing Recovery Stories

If you've ever lost a laptop or had one stolen, you know what an awful feeling it leaves behind. But a new breed of laptop security software is turning the tables on thieves, giving owners and police a fighting chance of recovering...

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