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ChatGPT returns to Italy after OpenAI tweaks privacy disclosures, controls

OpenAI has relaunched ChatGPT in Italy after making changes requested by the country's data privacy regulator.

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EU privacy regulators to create task force to investigate ChatGPT

The move comes after a number of data privacy regulators from across Europe raised concerns about whether the chatbot is compliant with the EU's GDPR privacy law.

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Italian privacy regulator bans ChatGPT over collection, storage of personal data

Italy’s privacy Guarantor bans ChatGPT with immediate effect as it investigates its data privacy procedures.

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UK fines TikTok $15.8 million for GDPR violation of children's privacy

Chinese-owned social media sensation TikTok has been fined almost $16 million for violating provisions of the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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UK data regulator issues warning over generative AI data protection concerns

The UK's Information Commission’s Office reminds organizations that data protection laws still apply to unfiltered data used to train large language models.

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UK parliament follows government by banning TikTok over cybersecurity concerns

TikTok calls the UK ban “misguided” while its chief executive faced tough questioning by the US House of Representatives over whether the popular app is a “tool” of the Chinese Communist Party.

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New Chinese regulatory body expected to streamline data governance rules

The new regulatory body will reportedly bring all data-related issues under a single entity, which is expected to streamline and clarify data regulations for multinational companies.

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EU parliamentary committee says 'no' to EU-US data privacy framework

Progress on ratifying the Trans-Atlantic Data Policy Framework hit a snag, as a parliamentary committee rejected a draft decision to adopt the pact, saying it did not comply with the EU's GDPR privacy regulations.


The metaverse brings a new breed of threats to challenge privacy and security gatekeepers

If your organization isn’t already moving into the metaverse, it soon will be. Be warned: today’s security protocols and privacy laws may not apply to 3D worlds.

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European data protection authorities issue record €1.65 billion in GDPR fines

DLA Piper’s GDPR and Data Breach survey shows a 50% increase in fines in the last 12 months. Data protection authorities turning their focus to artificial intelligence.

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Data leak exposes information of 10,000 French social security beneficiaries

More than 10,000 recipients of the French social security agency CAF saw their data exposed for nearly a year and a half, after a file containing personal information was sent to a service provider responsible for training the...


Twitter's mushrooming data breach crisis could prove costly

An apparent data breach potentially impacting hundreds of millions of users could damage Twitter's finances and operations. EU regulators pose the biggest threat to the Elon Musk-owned company.

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CPRA explained: New California privacy law ramps up restrictions on data use

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is a new law that toughens some data security requirements, brings California more in line with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, and creates a new state agency—the California...

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The top 12 tech stories of 2022

The year highlighted how vulnerable the technology sector is to the vagaries of geopolitics and the macroeconomy, as IT giants laid off workers, regulators cracked down on tech rule-breakers, nations negotiated data security...

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US consumers seriously concerned over their personal data

KPMG reports that Americans are worried about how companies treat their personal information, and that the C-suite might be insufficiently aware of that fact.

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Microsoft’s EU data boundary plan to take effect Jan. 1

The plan, which covers Microsoft products and services such as Azure, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and Office 365, will allow customers to store and process their customer data within the EU.

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European Commission takes step toward approving EU-US data privacy pact

The EU-US Data Privacy Framework—drafted to allow the flow of data between the US and the European Union—has cleared the first hurdle on its way to approval in the EU, but criticism of the pact makes it far from a done deal.

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Apple finally adds encryption to iCloud backups

Apple has rolled out a number of security features that will now offer end-to-end encryption to protect data, including backups, contacts, notes, photos, and wallet passes. The company also announced hardware Security Keys for Apple...

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