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Data is the new air

Data is a catalyst of innovation, of disruption and of possibilities. However, we still need to learn how to harness data and the internet for positive benefit. In the data we generate, there also is great risk. We need to understand...

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Why data governance should be corporate policy

Data is like water, and water is a fundamental resource for life, so data an essential resource for the business. Data governance ensures this resource is protected and managed correctly enabling us to meet our customer's expectations....

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GDPR is not just a regulatory framework. It’s also a moral and existential blueprint

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is a genuine renaissance for data protection – and not just for EU, but for all humanity.

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Take a cue from Europe on making GDPR work

GDPR compliance is not a customer-service proposition. To better understand GDPR, U.S. companies should adopt a European mindset.

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CISOs: What you can control – and what you can’t – in GDPR

80% of GDPR is out of the CISO’s control...

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If time is money, what exactly is data?

If you consider how much your data is worth to various parties and in varied contexts, then you’ll be in a better position to understand both its value and the extent to which it needs to be protected.

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