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Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Cyberattacks hit data centers to steal information from global companies

A malicious campaign against data centers stole the access credentials of some of the world's biggest companies — including Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft — according to reports.

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VMware ESXi server ransomware evolves, after recovery script released

The FBI and CISA have released a recovery script for the global ESXiArgs ransomware campaign targeting VMware ESXi servers, but the ransomware has since been updated to elude former attempts at remediation.

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CYGNVS exits stealth, trumpeting its cyberattack recovery platform

CYGNVS platform promises a playbook, out-of-band connectivity, and more to help organizations recovery from major cyberattacks.

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Intel boosts VM security, guards against stack attacks in new Xeon release

Intel’s TDX framework gains a new capability, and a “shadow stack” in Xeon’s fourth generation aims to knock out a dangerous cyberattack method.

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How to enable event collection in Windows Server

SIEM and SOAR allow enterprises to collect and correlate log event data but may not be the ideal choice for every organization. Microsoft’s Windows Event Forwarding aggregates system event logs from disparate systems.

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Nvidia partners with Dell and VMware for faster AI systems

New vSphere paired with Nvidia DPUs will speed up data center performance.

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Best practices for recovering a Microsoft network after an incident

Follow this advice to minimize stress when recovering credentials, systems and settings after a ransomware or other cyberattack.


Kyndryl launches recovery retainer service for cyberattack response

Expert preparedness review and on-demand recovery assistance are featured in Kyndryl’s latest offering.

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Cato Networks launches SSE system with customizable DLP capabilities

Cato SSE 360 provides a security service edge offering that includes DLP (data loss prevention) features based on customizable rules.

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Hackers using stealthy Linux backdoor Symbiote to steal credentials

Symbiote is deployed as a shared object that can inject itself into existing processes, making it difficult to detect.


RSA: Intel reference design to accelerate SASE, other security tasks

Intel says its reference design will enable accelerator cards to offload security processing from server CPUs without requiring more rack space.

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Linux malware is on the rise—6 types of attacks to look for

Malware targeting Linux environments has increased massively in the past year, with threat actors using a variety of techniques to carry out operations.

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Red Hat debuts edge features for Linux, Kubernetes platform security

At its annual Summit event, Red Hat is rolling out new edge-computing features for the company’s well-known enterprise Linux distribution, and security features for its Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes platform.

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Dell offers data, app recovery support for multicloud assets

Dell is adding data recovery solutions to its APEX portfolio, for data centers and public clouds including Azure and AWS.

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Kyndryl rolls out Dell partnership for disaster recovery and security

New offering aims to synchronize disaster recovery and business continuity with cybersecurity.

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Dirty Pipe root Linux vulnerability can also impact containers

Researchers have shown that the Dirty Pipe vulnerability can be used to modify protected files and gain root rights.

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Redstor extends protection of Kubernetes in AWS, unifies container backups

New support for Amazon EKS enables partners to scale back ups rapidly without complex scripting and removes need to bolt together multiple solutions.

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Dangerous privilege escalation bugs found in Linux package manager Snap

Newly discovered Snap flaw allows a low-privileged user to gain root access.

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