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The metaverse brings a new breed of threats to challenge privacy and security gatekeepers

If your organization isn’t already moving into the metaverse, it soon will be. Be warned: today’s security protocols and privacy laws may not apply to 3D worlds.

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How CISOs can manage the cybersecurity of high-level executives

C-suite executives and board members are targeted through their personal devices as cybercriminals look to penetrate corporate systems and access sensitive and proprietary information. Protecting them requires a holistic approach.

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If governments are banning TikTok, why is it still on your corporate devices?

When lawmakers and higher education take steps to prevent official users from accessing the popular video-sharing app on their devices, corporations should sit up and take notice.

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The BISO: bringing security to business and business to security

Even the most tech-savvy leaders can use an effective liaison between corporate and cybersecurity—the business information security officer (BISO) bridges communications gaps and acts as a security evangelist and gatekeeper.

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Top cybersecurity M&A deals for 2022

The hot cybersecurity mergers and acquisition market continues into 2022 as vendors look to solidify their positions and expand their offerings.

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Researchers found security pitfalls in IBM’s cloud infrastructure

A demonstrated attack by cybersecurity researchers in IBM’s cloud infrastructure allowed them access to the internal server used to build database images for customer deployments.

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Fortanix unveils AWS integration for centralized key management

Multicloud users have a new option for encryption key management across platforms, with the news that Fortanix has now integrated AWS support.

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AWS releases Wickr, its encrypted messaging service for enterprises

The release of the enterprise version of the encrypted messaging service, announced at AWS re:Invent, is designed to allow secure collaboration across messaging, voice, video and file sharing.

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The Biden administration has racked up a host of cybersecurity accomplishments

The Biden administration’s intense focus on cybersecurity has resulted in an unprecedented number of initiatives. Although domestic efforts seem well-baked, opportunities exist for further leadership in the international arena.

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UK finalizes first independent post-Brexit data transfer deal with South Korea

UK organizations will be able to securely transfer personal data to the Republic of Korea without restrictions by the end of 2022.

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Almost half of customers have left a vendor due to poor digital trust: Report

New research from DigiCert has found that digital trust is a key driver of customer loyalty, with 84% of customers saying they would consider leaving a vendor that did not manage digital trust.

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India drafts new privacy bill for transfer of personal data internationally

The central government has published a draft of data privacy laws, specifying penalties for security lapses, in order to invite feedback from the public.

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Fortanix unveils free DSM Explorer edition for managed data security

A new, free-to-use tier of Fortanix’ data security manager platform is now available.

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The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

Data breaches affecting millions of users are far too common. Here are some of the biggest, baddest breaches in recent memory.

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Data capture by border agencies can and will happen – are your on-the-road employees prepared?

Many countries routinely download device content from travelers at the border. Getting ahead of this eventuality can help protect sensitive data and maintain privacy for employees and their company.

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How to update your Windows driver blocklist to keep malicious drivers away

An investigation revealed that Microsoft’s malicious driver blocklist wasn’t updating as expected. Here’s how to make sure you’re not letting bad actors gain access to your system through these carefully crafted attack tools.

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8 hallmarks of a proactive security strategy

More CISOs are balancing their response and recovery capabilities with proactive measures that anticipate attacks and vulnerabilities.

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Security by design vital to protecting IoT, smart cities around the world, says CEO of UK NCSC

UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Lindy Cameron calls for clear, workable international standards to improve the cybersecurity of the internet of things (IoT), connected devices, and smart cities.

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96% of companies report insufficient security for sensitive cloud data

Organizations are also having trouble tracking data in the cloud, which contributes to dark data.

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Security startups to watch for 2022

Security startups are often innovation leaders. These are some of the most interesting ones to watch as they tackle issues around cloud security, asset management and more.

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