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Data center / enterprise networking
Cyber insurance  >  Umbrella hub protecting connected devices + online activities in binary world.

Ransomware  >  A coin-operated lock ransoming an encrypted system.

What is Ransom Cartel? A ransomware gang focused on reputational damage

The group combines data encryption with data theft and threatens to release stolen information on their website. But Ransom Cartel ups its game by threatening to send sensitive information to victim’s partners, competitors, and news...

malicious email with skull and crossbones

Website offering spoofing services taken offline after joint operation

Law enforcement authorities in Europe, Australia and North America have arrested 142 people in connection with a website that allowed criminals to steal $120 million from victims that had fallen foul of spoofing campaigns.

WhatsApp secure messaging on a mobile phone

500 million WhatsApp mobile numbers up for sale on the dark web

The seller claims to have data of users from over 84 countries, including US, UK, India, Egypt, Mexico and Russia.

Hacking stealing password data

Here is why you should have Cobalt Strike detection in place

Abusing variants of legitimate penetration testing tools has become a standard tactic for many attackers seeking to fool security teams. Cobalt Strike is among the attack frameworks used by red teams and cyber specialists should be on...

credit card theft / credit card fraud / credit card hack

Cybercriminals are increasingly using info-stealing malware to target victims

In the first seven months of this year, threat actors stole over 50 million passwords, 2 billion cookie files, details of 103,150 bank cards, and data from 113,204 crypto wallets. 

malvertising malware hacked ads advertising online

DUCKTAIL malware campaign targeting Facebook business and ads accounts is back

The spear phishing group has revised its tactics and is employing more sophisticated techniques and tactics based on what appears to be extensive research into Facebook business and ads management accounts.

targeted holiday attacks  >  a red bow impaled by a hook, surrounded by abstract binary code

Online retailers should prepare for a holiday season spike in bot-operated attacks

On the naughty list this year are a host of bad actors employing a huge variety of different bot attacks that can have a big impact on retail websites. Fortunately, there are steps cybersecurity professionals can take to mitigate the...

hand holding paper cloud for Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft Azure launches DDoS IP protection for SMBs

DDoS IP Protection for SMBs is designed to provide enterprise-grade distributed denial of service protection at a price that's attractive to small and medium-size companies.

man looking through binocs spy hacker breach infiltrate gettyimages 164644457 by selimaksan 2400x16

Know thy enemy: thinking like a hacker can boost cybersecurity strategy

Putting on a red hat and trying to understand the motivations, expectations, behaviors, and goals of bad actors can be a key part of a solid cybersecurity plan.

CSO > phishing / social engineering / security threat

Luna Moth callback phishing campaign leverages extortion without malware

Palo Alto’s Unit 42 investigated several incidents linked to the Luna Moth callback phishing extortion campaign that uses legitimate and trusted management tools instead of malware to exploit businesses.

Security system alert, warning of a cyberattack.

Noname Security releases Recon attack simulator

API-focused Noname Security launched an attack simulator designed to feign an external, malicious attack.

ransomware attack

Cohesity previews AI-powered ransomware protection suite, Datahawk

Detection, data management and vaulting are all present in Cohesity’s new Datahawk SaaS application.

lock padlock domain name system dns security data center lock icann

Global 2000 companies failing to adopt key domain security measures

Lookalike domains are targeting Forbes Global 2000 brands to launch phishing attacks and other forms of digital brand abuse/IP infringement.

security threat / hacker / attack

Meta’s new kill chain model tackles online threats

Meta researchers say their Online Operations Kill Chain framework offers a common taxonomy to understand the threat landscape and spot vulnerabilities.

Cloud security threats  >  theft / breach / fraud / phishing

Medibank hackers revealed to be in Russia

The data breach, impacting 9.7 million current and former customers of the private health insurer, has been associated with individuals living in Russia and the Australian Federal Police said it knows who they are.

A firmware message appears on a circuit board.

Researchers show techniques for malware persistence on F5 and Citrix load balancers

Tests show that deploying malware in a persistent manner on load balancer firmware is within reach of less sophisticated attackers.

lock circuit board bullet hole computer security breach

The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

Data breaches affecting millions of users are far too common. Here are some of the biggest, baddest breaches in recent memory.

Flag of the European Union as part of a broken, cracked wall.

Geopolitics plays major role in cyberattacks, says EU cybersecurity agency

State-sponsored threat actors have targeted 128 government organizations in 42 countries that support Ukraine, as ransomware and DDoS rank as top forms of cyberattacks, says the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

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