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What is the cyber kill chain? A model for tracing cyberattacks

The cyber kill chain describes the phases of a targeted cyberattack where defenders can identify and stop it.

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Ukraine energy facility hit by two waves of cyberattacks from Russia’s Sandworm group

Sandworm succeeded in planting a new version of the Industroyer malware to disrupt ICS infrastructure at multiple levels, but was thwarted from doing serious damage.

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FBI active defense measure removes malware from privately owned firewalls

The action targeted devices infected by the Cyclops Blink malware, believed to have been developed by Russia's Sandworm group.

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Take LAPSUS$ teens seriously

After the Okta breach, LAPSUS$ is already back making trouble using low-tech techniques with a high rate of success.

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What is spear phishing? Examples, tactics, and techniques

Spear phishing is a targeted email attack purporting to be from a trusted sender. Learn how to recognize—and defeat—this type of phishing attack.

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New threat group underscores mounting concerns over Russian cyber threats

Crowdstrike says Ember Bear is likely responsible for the wiper attack against Ukrainian networks and that future Russian cyberattacks might target the West.

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What is the risk of retaliation for taking a corporate stance on Russia?

Hacktivists, Russia and its proxies, and even partisan cybercriminals have taken cyber actions against organizations for their decisions regarding the attack on Ukraine.

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Cash App customer investment data hacked

The backers of the popular consumer payments app announced Monday that millions of customers are being contacted to warn that some of their personal information may have been compromised.

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What is a botnet? When infected devices attack

A botnet is a collection of internet-connected devices that an attacker has compromised to launch DDoS attacks, spread phishing spam, mine bitcoin, and more.

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U.S. State Department unveils new Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy

The new Bureau could enhance the United States' ability to work effectively with other nations on cybersecurity matters.

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Russia-linked cyberattacks on Ukraine: A timeline

Cyber incidents are playing a central role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Here's how events are unfolding along with unanswered questions.

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Attackers compromise 94% of critical assets within four steps of initial breach

New research analyzing the methods, attack paths, and impacts of cyberattacks in 2021 highlights the threats impacting critical assets across on-premises, multi-cloud,and hybrid environments.

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Hive ransomware group claims Partnership HealthPlan of California data breach

The group, known for attacks on healthcare organizations, claims to have stolen 850,000 personally identifiable information records from Partnership HealthPlan of California.

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4 ways attackers target humans to gain network access

These are some of the favorite ways cybercriminals try to get around an organization's cyber defenses to steal credentials or commit fraud.

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CISA, FBI, DOE issue cybersecurity advisory on Russian attacks against global energy sector

The advisory outlines two intrusion campaigns against U.S. and international energy sector organizations and warns of persistent threats posed by Russian cyber operations.

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Why CISOs everywhere should pay attention to the US global threat assessment

The recent Global Threat Assessment briefing and the ODNI’s threat assessment report provides valuable insight on what to expect from the country's most dangerous adversaries.

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Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack definition and examples

A man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack is a type of cyberattack in which communications between two parties is intercepted, often to steal login credentials or personal information, spy on victims, sabotage communications, or corrupt data....

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US charges Russian government agents for cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Two sets of attacks used Triton and Havex malware to infiltrate industrial control systems at energy organizations in the US and abroad.

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States step up cybersecurity efforts as threats increase

Spurred by recent attacks, some U.S. states are taking action and allocating funds to boost their defenses against cyber threats.

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LAPSUS$ ransomware group claims Okta breach

The ransomware group claims that it has had access to customer records since January 2022; Okta says there is no evidence of ongoing malicious activity.

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