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Security threat   >   One endpoint on a network has been compromised.

Timeline of the latest LastPass data breaches

Attackers apparently used data taken in an August attack on the password management firm to enable another attack in November.


The metaverse brings a new breed of threats to challenge privacy and security gatekeepers

If your organization isn’t already moving into the metaverse, it soon will be. Be warned: today’s security protocols and privacy laws may not apply to 3D worlds.


T-Mobile suffers 8th data breach in less than 5 years

Customer data such as customer name, billing address, email, phone number, date of birth, T-Mobile account number and information such as the number of lines on the account and plan features were exposed in the breach.

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Chinese hackers targeted Iranian government entities for months: Report

The networks of four Iranian government organizations including Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have likely been compromised.

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US Maritime Administrator to study port crane cybersecurity concerns

Recently passed legislation might have been spurred by supply chain disruption and surveillance concerns enabled by Chinese-made cranes.

A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

Attackers deploy sophisticated Linux implant on Fortinet network security devices

The exploit allows attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code and commands without authentication.

1 volume of data breach pile of paper confidential documents

Data leak exposes information of 10,000 French social security beneficiaries

More than 10,000 recipients of the French social security agency CAF saw their data exposed for nearly a year and a half, after a file containing personal information was sent to a service provider responsible for training the...

vulnerable breach cyberattack hacker

14 UK schools suffer cyberattack, highly confidential documents leaked

Documents reportedly including passport scans, staff pay scales, and contract details stolen by cybercrime group Vice Society, which has targeted education in multiple countries.


Twitter's mushrooming data breach crisis could prove costly

An apparent data breach potentially impacting hundreds of millions of users could damage Twitter's finances and operations. EU regulators pose the biggest threat to the Elon Musk-owned company.

cryptojacking / cryptocurrency attack

Attackers create 130K fake accounts to abuse limited-time cloud computing resources

Cybercriminal group Automated Libra's PurpleUrchin campaign uses the fake accounts for cryptomining operations.

Phishing attack   >   A fish hook hover above binary code with a caution triangle.

Attackers use stolen banking data as phishing lure to deploy BitRAT

Data from an older breach lends credibility to this newer sophisticated attack that delivers a highly obfuscated payload.

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New Royal ransomware group evades detection with partial encryption

The tactics used by the Royal ransomware group allow for fast and stealthy encryption and share similarities with the defunct Conti group.

Cyber insurance  >  Umbrella hub protecting connected devices + online activities in binary world.

What you should know when considering cyber insurance in 2023

When even the best-laid cybersecurity plans fail, cyber insurance can help mitigate an organization’s exposure to financial and operational risk—but the insurance landscape is shifting with the times.

WhatsApp secure messaging on a mobile phone

500 million WhatsApp mobile numbers up for sale on the dark web

The seller claims to have data of users from over 84 countries, including US, UK, India, Egypt, Mexico and Russia.

targeted holiday attacks  >  a red bow impaled by a hook, surrounded by abstract binary code

Online retailers should prepare for a holiday season spike in bot-operated attacks

On the naughty list this year are a host of bad actors employing a huge variety of different bot attacks that can have a big impact on retail websites. Fortunately, there are steps cybersecurity professionals can take to mitigate the...

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Microsoft Azure launches DDoS IP protection for SMBs

DDoS IP Protection for SMBs is designed to provide enterprise-grade distributed denial of service protection at a price that's attractive to small and medium-size companies.

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Know thy enemy: thinking like a hacker can boost cybersecurity strategy

Putting on a red hat and trying to understand the motivations, expectations, behaviors, and goals of bad actors can be a key part of a solid cybersecurity plan.

Security system alert, warning of a cyberattack.

Noname Security releases Recon attack simulator

API-focused Noname Security launched an attack simulator designed to feign an external, malicious attack.

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