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What is the Cybercrime Atlas? How it can help disrupt cybercrime

The Cybercrime Atlas aims to map the cybercriminal ecosystem worldwide and allow global law enforcement agencies to access that information when fighting cybercrime.

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AI-automated malware campaigns coming soon, says Mikko Hyppönen

The industry pioneer also expects cybersecurity to remain a growth business for years and sees Russian hacktivists as demoralizing European infosec teams.

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Hackers hold city of Augusta hostage in a ransomware attack

The ransomware group has released 10GB of sample data from the cyberattack on the US city of Augusta and claimed they have a lot more data available.

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Researchers find new ICS malware toolkit designed to cause electric power outages

Mandiant recommends threat-hunting steps to detect COSMICENERGY despite no confirmed attacks in the wild.

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Microsoft links attacks on American critical infrastructure systems to China

The Chinese nation-state actor has been actively conducting espionage and information-gathering attacks on American systems since mid-2021.

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SMBs and regional MSPs are increasingly targeted by state-sponsored APT groups

Research shows a shift toward advanced persistent threat actors compromising smaller organization, in part to enable other attacks.

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New hyperactive phishing campaign uses SuperMailer templates: Report

Network security firm Cofense was able to identify a code trace in phishing emails that revealed SuperMailer abuse in the attacks.

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US sanctions four North Korean entities for global cyberattacks

North Korean hackers stole more virtual currency in 2022 than in any previous year, with estimates ranging from $630 million to over $1 billion — reportedly doubling Pyongyang’s total cybertheft proceeds in 2021.

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Former Uber CSO Joe Sullivan and lessons learned from the infamous 2016 Uber breach

Will Joe Sullivan’s conviction for obstruction in the reporting of the 2016 Uber privacy breach send a chill through the cybersecurity profession? Sullivan tells CSOs he’s worried it just might.


Organizations reporting cyber resilience are hardly resilient: Study

The study commissioned by Immersive Labs finds majority of cyber resilient companies lack tools to assess their resilience.

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Attacker uses the Azure Serial Console to gain access to Microsoft VM

Using the access to virtual machines the attackers employed malicious use of the Serial Console on Azure Virtual Machines to install third-party remote management software within client environments.

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New APT targets South and Southeast Asia with custom-written backdoor

Lancefly has been deploying the Merdoor backdoor in highly targeted attacks since 2018 to establish persistence, execute commands, and perform keylogging on corporate networks.

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New ransomware gang RA Group quickly expanding operations

The RA Group uses double extortion and has detailed information on its victims.

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UK NCSC, ICO debunk 6 cyberattack reporting myths

These misconceptions, including the belief that paying a ransom makes the incident go away, could result in more attacks or bigger regulatory fines.

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New DownEx malware campaign targets Central Asia

While the attacks have not been attributed to any specific threat actor, it is likely that a Russian group is responsible for the attacks, according to researchers at Bitdefender.

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International security agencies warn of Russian “Snake” malware threat

Snake’s custom communications protocols employ encryption and fragmentation for confidentiality and are designed to hamper detection and collection efforts.

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Make them pay: Hackers devise new tactics to ensure ransomware payment

Payouts from ransomware victims declined by 38% in 2022, which has prompted hackers to adopt more professional and corporate tactics to ensure higher returns.

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Cybersecurity stress returns after a brief calm: Proofpoint report

Sixty-eight percent of CISOs globally fear a cyberattack in the next 12 months, up by over 40% year over year and in sync with the pandemic high of 64%, according to a new Proofpoint survey.

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