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Cybercriminals impersonate Outlook and DocuSign to steal your identity

Attackers are now impersonating popular web services like Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign and Google Docs to trick you to freely give up your credentials.

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How bad are Meltdown and Spectre?

Some people aren't taking hardware vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre seriously. Here's a point-by-point rebuttal to their arguments.

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For a moonshot, you need more than just the moon

At one time, we were challenged to ask not what our country could do for us but what we could do for our country. It is time that the leading organizations in digital technology come together once again to ask the same.

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Transforming secure access to take on today’s cyber threats

Last year, 81% of cyber attacks involved compromised passwords—up from 63% the previous year. How much worse can it get? Let’s not wait around to find out.

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6 ways hackers will use machine learning to launch attacks

Machine learning algorithms will improve security solutions, helping human analysts triage threats and close vulnerabilities quicker. But they are also going to help threat actors launch bigger, more complex attacks.

1 darkweb marketplace

What is the dark web? Is it illegal and should you ever visit the dark web?

If you can tolerate the lousy performance, the Tor browser, unpredictable availability, and occasional shock factor of the dark web, it’s worth a trip. Just don’t buy anything there.

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Managing threat information and intelligence

The last thing that any organization wants is to make the headlines following a security breach. The damage to their reputation can be enormous, as can the financial costs. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of if it will happen, but when...

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Contractor hacks former employer, destroys and corrupts data

Edward Soybel was let go by W. W. Grainger and subsequently hacked his way back into the company to access customer databases to destroy and corrupt the data.

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Cyber insurance in the 2018 regulatory landscape

If more money continues to be spent on cyber defense, and our risk posture is not improving proportional to the level of spend, the insurance sector may need to reassess how to evaluate an applicant’s cyber risk profile.

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6 reasons you’re failing to focus on your biggest IT security threats

Most companies are not focused on the real security threats they face, leaving them ever more vulnerable. That can change if they trust their data rather than the hype.

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Attorneys for WannaCry hero turned suspect request discovery evidence

Attorneys for Marcus Hutchins, arrested for the WannaCry ransomware, filed a motion requesting discovery, expecting to get information to prove he was coerced to talk.

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Scan the dark web for threat intelligence

It may be possible to glean valuable security insights by monitoring the dark web.

cyber security

What is cyber security? How to build a cyber security strategy

Organizations face many threats to their information systems and data. Understanding all the basic elements to cyber security is the first step to meeting those threats.

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Who's who in the cybersecurity market? The inside scoop for 2018

Big tech will go big on cybersecurity in 2018. Expect Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others to get tough on cyber crime.

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The truth about RFID credit card fraud

Despite demonstrations to show it's possible, documented cases of RFID credit card fraud are unknown. And as security professionals know, there is a huge gulf between potential crime and actual crime.

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Why incident response is the best cybersecurity ROI

Former White House CIO says unexpected breaches can wreak havoc on a company's bottom line. Proper incident response planning can mitigate damage costs.

7 response

5 trends from 2017 that will still matter in 2018

There were too many lessons to count, so here are 5 things that aren’t going away any time soon.

blockchain ecosystem

Hacking bitcoin and blockchain

Both bitcoin and blockchain are vulnerable to attack. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself and why blockchain is becoming a foundational technology.

data breach predictions

Top 5 cybersecurity concerns for 2018

These predictions are just a handful of the many threats we'll see. Our solutions need to evolve with the threats and provide multiple layers of protection

4 source code

Is source code inspection a security risk? Maybe not, experts say

Some information security insiders raised a red flag when Russian requests to review security software code became known. The controversy may be a tempest in a teapot.

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