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New US CISO appointments, November 2022

Keep up with news of CSO, CISO, and other senior security executive appointments.

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When CISOs are doomed to fail, and how to improve your chances of success

Immense pressure to reduce cybersecurity risk, limited resources, or unsupportive executive leadership can make CISOs a target for blame. Here's how some of them cope.

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Millennials and Gen Z less likely to observe cybersecurity protocols than their elders

According to an EY survey, younger US workers tend to ignore critical updates, be sloppy with passwords, and accept cookies despite understanding employer security practices.

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Top skill-building resources and advice for CISOs

Security leaders from around the world tell how they built their careers and share the resources and certifications that brought them success.

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Security startups to watch for 2022

Security startups are often innovation leaders. These are some of the most interesting ones to watch as they tackle issues around cloud security, asset management and more.

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What the Uber verdict means to CISOs: You're (probably) not going to jail

CISOs and potential CISOs worried about criminal risk won't go to jail if they follow four simple steps.

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Information overload, burnout, talent retention impacting SOC performance

Security operations center leaders and staff report numerous pain points impacting SOC performance.

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Why CISO roles require business and technology savvy

Listening and communicating to both the technical and business sides is critical to successfully leading IT teams and business leaders to the same end-goal.

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Guilty verdict in the Uber breach case makes personal liability real for CISOs

The conviction of Uber's former CSO could change the roles of top security leaders and raises the level of personal risk in the wake of a breach.

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The astronomical costs of an asset disposal program gone wrong

As Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has learned, an information technology asset disposal program can protect a company against the potential catastrophe of data leaks from gear you’re getting rid of.

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22 notable government cybersecurity initiatives in 2022

Countries across the globe are taking on cybersecurity threats. Here are the most notable initiatives they've introduced in 2022.

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D&O insurance not yet a priority despite criminal trial of Uber’s former CISO

The cost is too high and the risk too low to offer CISOs directors-and-officers insurance at many companies. Protective governance policies might make more sense.

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Collaboration is key to balance customer experience with security, privacy

Security and privacy teams working with sales, marketing and design ensures a good user experience while protecting data and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Most enterprises looking to consolidate security vendors

Three-quarters of all enterprises expect to reduce the number of security vendors they use according to a recent survey, more than double the number from 2020.

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How 2023 cybersecurity budget allocations are shaping up

Security spending is not expected to slow much next year as organizations look to improve cloud defenses, rely more on MSSPs.

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U.S. Federal Court breach reveals IT and security maturation issues

An investigation into the 2020 breach results in 18 recommendations for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts to change its IT and security policies and practices.

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7 best reasons to be a CISO

The role of the CISO has its challenges, but these positives are what people in the role say make it all worthwhile.

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Data privacy: Collect what you need, protect what you collect

Data over-collection is a security and compliance risk, and that's why CISOs need a say in decisions about what data to collect.

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