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Cybersecurity recruitment in crisis

Globally cybersecurity is in crisis not solely from a lack of skilled personnel, but also from a lack of strategic direction and company’s inability to hire staff in an expedient, effective and efficient manner.

committee audit conference

Audit committee cheatsheet for IT and cyber professionals

What exactly do audit committees do and who gets to be on one.

raise money bonus windfall

Cybersecurity spending: more does not necessarily mean better

Cybersecurity is not something you can just buy, but something you should thoroughly build.


Accenture managing director talks IoT risks and cyber insurance

Accenture managing director talks IoT risks and cyber insurance

Aetna CISO talks about threat intelligence and enterprise risk management

The growth of ISACs will continue as more companies learn that mature cyber security programs all share information to make their enterprises more resilient. Enterprise risk management today has significant upside to improve maturity...

Credit card on fire

Why PCI DSS cannot replace common sense and holistic risk assessment

Cybersecurity compliance is not designed to eliminate data breaches or stop cybercrime.

Deloitte's Global CISO: authentication to become behavior based

We will discuss cybersecurity reliability, authentication after the mobile phone, EU General Data Protection Regulation, the role of the CISO and systems could protect users from themselves.

raj samani mcafee

The human firewall cannot be fixed, says McAfee CTO

Five questions with Raj Samani, VP, CTO for McAfee EMEA A five question interview on current topics in cybersecurity. One question may even surprise you.

layoffs axe corporate business jobs fired terminated

Data breaches often result in CEO firing

We will explore the issues of reputational damage, incident cost, stock price impact, and increased regulatory attention. We will also discuss the fate of four CEOs who have faced cybersecurity breaches in the past three years.

gavel court trial

Security negligence goes to court

The number of people whose data was breached in 2015 exceeded that of the previous year. How do we plan to regulate these cases? What should organizations be compelled to do in order to protect the sensitive information they store?...

battle of trenton

Why your security strategy should not be created in a vacuum

Sound strategy supports the core business processes of the organization. It should be (as we often said in the military) a combat multiplier. Meaning it should bolster, strengthen, and galvanize each of the efforts of each business...

Great white shark

How to manage cyber risk

Shedding light on the dark art of managing cyber risk.

security policy

Why written policies are vital to your cyber strategy

Policies predefine how our organizations will protect against cyber incidents. They outline the processes that will be used on a daily basis as well as the steps to take when an incident occurs. Essentially, they do all the heavy...

compliance chart

Preventing data breaches is a business problem not an IT issue

One data breach after another, does anyone ask what's the root cause? We have the Verizon data breach investigations report and many more that shed light on the problem and it's that many intrusions are far too easily accomplished....

Facebook scandal or can bug bounties replace traditional web security?

Can crowd-sourcing approach to web security testing work for your corporate applications?

How to calculate ROI and justify your cybersecurity budget

If you speak with management about money – speak their language and you will definitely get what you need.

broken window glass crack holes

Five reasons why hackers easily get in

Vulnerable web application is a great gift for hackers, as it significantly reduces their time, cost and efforts to get into corporate network. Why companies fail to secure their web apps?


What CSOs should do on their first days

In today’s corporate setting, if a CSO enters the building with the intent of doing a gut job in the first few weeks, he most likely will find himself out the door in short order.

FTC ruling suggests upcoming changes for data compliance regulation

Recent data breaches tell us what private and public sector victims are dealing with: disruption, reputational damage, and significant financial repercussions. They can also find themselves attracting the undesirable attention of...


Top executives and cybersecurity: a fickle relationship?

CISOs have more attention of top business execs now than ever before; is it here to stay?

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