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Information security professionalism requires both credentialing and codes of professional practice

It's time for information security practitioners to be recognized as professionals. But that will require self-discipline. Independent validation of skills and the promulgation of strong and enforceable codes of professional practice...

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You can steal my identity, but not my behavior

The compromise and misuse of identity is at the core of modern threats and data breaches. This has been documented for years and continues to escalate. As a result, we are rapidly approaching the end of life for password-based...

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Why you can’t afford not to train veterans in cyber security

By 2019 ISACA estimates over 2 million cyber security roles will remain unfilled. A natural solution to this problems is retraining veterans to fill these positions.

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The evolving role of the chief security officer

Today's Chief Security Officers (CSO) are charged with mitigating an array of interdisciplinary and intersecting risks across the enterprise. The CSO role is evolving into a mission-critical service that spans risk areas ranging from...

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Emboldening the CISO ecosystem

Cybersecurity recruitment and leadership adviser, Stephen Spagnuolo of ZRG Partners, discusses how the inaugural launch of the peer to peer HMG Strategy CISO Executive Leadership Summit will lead the way on strengthening the range,...

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