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Palo Alto Networks

Nozomi Networks announces Vantage IQ to address security gaps in critical infrastructure

Vantage IQ is built to enhance threat detection and remediation with AI-assisted data analysis to help security teams reduce cyber risks across IT, OT, and IoT devices.

Quantum, blue glow, 3D image

IBM unveils end-to-end, quantum-safe tools to secure business, government data

Quantum Safe Technology combines expertise across cryptography and critical infrastructure to address the future security risks posed by quantum computing.

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Why Russia's cyber arms transfers are poor threat predictors

Sharing cyber tools and technology with nations such as Iran or North Korea has limited impact without also providing operational and organizational support.

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Accenture, IBM, Mandiant join Elite Cyber Defenders Program to secure critical infrastructure

Led by Nozomi Networks, the program aims to provide global industrial and government customers cybersecurity defense tools, incident response teams, and threat intelligence.

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OT giants collaborate on ETHOS early threat and attack warning system

Top industrial cybersecurity competitors establish ETHOS, an early warning system that could help spot and avert damaging attacks on operational technology.

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Hackers behind 3CX breach also breached US critical infrastructure

The attackers have been linked to North Korea and appear to be involved in cyberespionage and financially motivated attacks.

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Five Eye nations release new guidance on smart city cybersecurity

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and US offer advice on potential smart city vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.

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UK NCSC warns of new class of Russian cyber adversary threatening critical infrastructure

Newly detected state-aligned groups are often sympathetic to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and are ideologically, rather than financially, motivated.

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7 countries unite to push for secure-by-design development

Agencies from across seven countries come together to create a guidance that aims to remove the burden of security from the technology buyer.

Tech Spotlight   >   Cloud [IFW]   >   Conceptual image of IoT cloud services.

CrowdStrike expands Falcon platform with XDR for IoT assets

CrowdStrike Falcon Insight for IoT delivers tailored threat prevention, patch management, and interoperability across XIoT including IoT, OT, and medical devices.

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CISA warns of critical flaws in ICS and SCADA software from multiple vendors

Some of the vulnerabilities could allow attackers to access systems with ease. Patches are not available for all the flaws.

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NTC Vulkan leak shows evolving Russian cyberwar capabilities

Documents from a Russian intelligence subcontractor provide insight into the Kremlin's cyberwar objectives and potential long-term threats to Western organizations.

Joe Biden

CISA funding to top $3 billion under Biden's FY 2024 budget

President Biden's FY2024 budget increases CISA's budget to over $3 billion and boosting spending on several cyber initiatives.

USA / United States of America stars + stripes and binary code superimposed over The White House

White House releases an ambitious National Cybersecurity Strategy

The Biden administration's National Cybersecurity Strategy calls for more regulation on critical infrastructure providers and holds software providers accountable for their insecure products.

businessman data risk metering management security

How to de-risk your digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystems are big, complicated, and a massive vector for exploits and attackers. Santha Subramoni, global head, cybersecurity business unit at Tata Consultancy Services discusses digital ecosystems security and how businesses...

power plant utilities energy innovation industrial iot american public power association unsplash

Attacks on industrial infrastructure on the rise, defenses struggle to keep up

A Dragos report shows threat actors new and old have the potential to cause major disruptions of critical infrastructure.

metadefender kiosk k2100

OPSWAT mobile hardware offers infrastructure security for the air gap

A new, tablet-sized media scanner boasts a wide range of capabilities for critical infrastructure defense.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Many ICS flaws remain unpatched as attacks against critical infrastructure rise

More than a third of ICS device vulnerabilities have no patch available at a time when ICS environments face threats from new cybercrime groups.

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