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US Congress funds cybersecurity initiatives in FY2023 spending bill

This year’s appropriation bill covers a lot of cybersecurity territory, including threats from TikTok and foreign adversaries and steps to improve medical device security.

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Dozens of cybersecurity efforts included in this year’s US NDAA

Cybersecurity initiatives included in the US National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 include increased funding for Cybercom’s hunt-forward operations.

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GAO warns government agencies: focus on IoT and OT within critical infrastructure

Several key US departments are falling woefully short on cybersecurity measures for infrastructure connected to the internet of things and operational technologies, the GAO said in a scathing report.

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Are robots too insecure for lethal use by law enforcement?

The San Francisco Police Department wants to use weaponized robots, but some experts say robots suffer from severe security flaws that render them too dangerous for such use.

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FCC’s proposal to strengthen emergency alert security might not go far enough

The FCC has proposed new rules to bolster the security of the nation’s emergency alerting system (EAS) but some experts think the adoption of next-generation technology could help even more.

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The Biden administration has racked up a host of cybersecurity accomplishments

The Biden administration’s intense focus on cybersecurity has resulted in an unprecedented number of initiatives. Although domestic efforts seem well-baked, opportunities exist for further leadership in the international arena.

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CISA releases cybersecurity performance goals to reduce risk and impact of adversarial threats

Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the goals could become the baseline standards for cybersecurity negligence and possible future regulatory requirements.

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Election security, misinformation threats loom large ahead of the US midterms

The FBI and CISA say election infrastructure is secure, but threat actors have other ways to undermine confidence in the US midterm elections.

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Researchers extract master encryption key from Siemens PLCs

Global encryption keys were hardcoded on some programmable logic controller product lines. Siemens recommends upgrading all affected devices.

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US CISA reaches a new maturity level with its comprehensive strategic plan

The new plan aims to make the cybersecurity agency more efficient and to create a "whole of nation" approach to protecting the United States from cyberattacks.

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New US DHS grant program can boost local governments’ cybersecurity strength

The cybersecurity grant program is designed to initiate state and local governments projects but does not provide ongoing operating funds.

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UK organizations, Ukraine's allies warned of potential "massive" cyberattacks by Russia

UK National Cyber Security Centre CEO Lindy Cameron reflects on Russia’s recent cyber activity as Ukraine warns its allies to prepare for cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure.

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US CISA/NSA release new OT/ICS security guidance, reveal 5 steps threat actors take to compromise assets

Advisory from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the National Security Agency outlines steps to protect operational technology and industrial control systems.

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International cooperation is key to fighting threat actors and cybercrime

Western intelligence and national security leaders emphasize the importance of collaborating to better prepare and respond to cybersecurity threats.

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US OMB releases guidance on federal agency software security requirements

The guidance aims to improve the security of software federal agencies use, but expects self-attestation for compliance.

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U.S. government offensive cybersecurity actions tied to defensive demands

Current and former U.S. government officials explain the country's "defense forward" and offensive cybersecurity policies and their risks.

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Ragnar Locker continues trend of ransomware targeting energy sector

Ransomware gangs seem to be exploiting concerns over disruptions in the energy and other critical infrastructure sectors.

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Social media's role in spreading U.S. election disinformation in the spotlight

Before Twitter's former CISO sounded the alarm bell, the U.S. government defined steps to counter misinformation and disinformation at the state, local and federal levels.

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