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Litigation Costs of BYOD Programs

While I hope no business reading this blog is or becomes the subject of a litigation, the reality is that litigation is an everyday occurrence for many businesses. The costs of litigation can be crushing, and not just with regard to...

NLRB Continues to Scrutinize Social Media Policies

The acting general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has issued several reports in just the past year highlighting the importance of drafting social media policies to avoid trampling on worker rights. As companies rush to...

My Threat Intelligence Can Beat Up Your Threat Intelligence

Dear vendor product marketing and sales teams, please understand that your threat intelligence is helpful and we expect that you have it, but it isn’t terribly different from your closest competitors. The real story on threat...

Sandia National Laboratories launches new DNS vulnerabilities tool

Sandia National Laboratories computer scientist Casey Deccio has developed a new tool to help network administrators better understand Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) and troubleshoot problems.

The US Stop Online Piracy Act is a threat to liberty and must be stopped

The Internet Blacklist Legislation -- known as PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House -- is a security threat that must be stopped.

I told you Anonymous wouldn't kill Facebook

So here I am on Sunday, Nov. 6, staring at Facebook and having a fairly ordinary day. But wait, wasn't Anonymous going to destroy Facebook Nov. 5? That was yesterday, and we're still here.

Maiffret: Duqu a bunch of hype

eEye chief researcher Marc Maiffret says far too much is being made of the Duqu threat.

Security Wisdom Watch: Digital entertainment edition

We’re learning more about the security of the music and video apps people increasingly use at work, and it’s not pretty.

Beware "Phone Home" Functionality in Software

A growing number of software applications come complete with a means by which the software periodically transmits usage information to the licensor. The information may be nothing more than statistical information about the software,...

Are Your Risk Management Efforts Enabling Partnership Opportunities?

By Chris McClean

How Pacific Compensation Insurance Company approaches cloud security

Joe Cardenas, CIO, Pacific Compensation Insurance Company, explains his company's move to the cloud and the challenges involved.

eBay's excellent adventure in cloud security

Subra Kumaraswamy, security and cloud strategist for eBay, discussed the company's journey through the cloud during CSO's executive summit on cloud security in Santa Clara, Calif.

For those boarding the IPv6 train

Akamai will provide a real-time data visualization of IPv6 Web traffic served from its global platform during World IPv6 Day.

Visas and Outsourcing

Offshore outsource vendors, particularly those in India, are increasingly asking their customers to assist them in obtaining visas and in other immigration matters for their on-shore workers. These requests can place the customer in...

ZeuS gang using channel model to proliferate

M86 Security Labs researchers suggest that the release of ZeuS freeware demonstrates that cyber criminals are adopting traditional channel distribution models in order to increase the profits from their malware.

Dangers of Third Party Software Development Highlighted by New Report

If you haven't read it, lay your hands on the new Software Integrity Risk Report from Forrester. It confirms what many of us have suspected for a long time: businesses don't adequately review the code developed by their third party...

Facebook becomes a spam cesspool

It no longer matters if you're a security pro or not. If spammers want to pollute your Facebook page, they will.

As violence escalates, Libya cuts off the Internet

The Libyan government is using the same tactics tried in Egypt three weeks ago to suppress dissent

The 'M' Word: Don't Be Shy!

By Jinan Budge

Adventures in Key Logging

As companies become more and more concerned with employee misuse use of their computer systems (e.g., excessive Internet use, downloading pornography, protection of company proprietary information, theft of trade secrets, use of...

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