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Broken window with band-aid patch

Meltdown and Spectre patches: Where to start and what to expect

You need to apply Meltdown and Spectre patches to pretty much everything in your enterprise. And you need to start now. We help you prioritize.

meltdown spectre

Spectre and Meltdown: What you need to know going forward

As you've likely heard by now, there are some problems with Intel, AMD, and ARM processors. Called Meltdown and Spectre, the discovered attack possibilities are rather severe, as they impact pretty much every technical device on the...

17.3 omen by hp keyboard detail

Keylogger found in keyboard driver of 475 HP notebook models

A researcher found a keylogger, turned off by default, in the keyboard driver for hundreds of HP laptops. HP released updates to address the security vulnerability.

05 monitoring

How employee monitoring can help solve England's productivity problem

Can the data you get from employee monitoring software help drive productivity – and other financial – benefits?

Will open hardware race curb worrying chip vulnerability?

There's a potential backdoor built into every PC in your organisation, but perhaps not for much longer

How the transition to Everything as a Service upended cybersecurity software models

With regard to the evolving stratification of security services, it is worth spending some time considering how reoccurring software-based service models have fundamentally upended network and cyber security businesses across the...

hardware hacker

Now you, too, can disable Intel ME 'backdoor' thanks to the NSA

Researchers discovered an undocumented configuration setting that can used to disable the Intel ME master controller that has been likened to a backdoor.

mingis on tech ep 45

Mingis on Tech: Is the new iPad Pro enterprise-ready?

Apple's top-end tablet hardware was already workplace worthy, but iOS still required some workarounds for things to go smoothly. iOS 11 may change that when it arrives later this year.

Internet of Things hack security smart home

6 reasons chip hacks will become more popular

Code embedded in hardware has vulnerabilities and it's harder to patch. That will make it a target for hackers.

netgear nighthawk x10 ad7200 home entertainment

Netgear NightHawk R7000 routers now collect user data

A firmware update to Netgear NighHawk R7000 routers allows the routers to collect IP, MAC address and info about connected devices. Here's how to disable it.

atm cash machine money

27 arrested for black box ATM attacks across Europe

Europol said in a statement last week that 27 people have been arrested for their connection to a string of successful black box attacks against ATMs across Europe. Since 2016, these attacks have resulted in more than €45 million in...

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China

China pays for Windows XP addiction as 'WannaCry' hits

The WannaCry ransomware has wormed its way into tens of thousands of Windows PCs in China, where Windows XP remains relatively popular.

4 Devices to help get a better night's sleep

Four devices to get a better night's sleep

Network World Cool Tools columnist Keith Shaw shows off four gadgets (two sleep trackers, two noise machines) that can help you get more or better sleep at night.


Security entrepreneur’s tiny hack-proof password computer

PasswordsFAST personal password manager product review

Knightscope K5 Robot With Man

Drunken man arrested for assaulting 300-lb. K5 security robot

The drunken man allegedly wanted to "test" the 5-foot-tall, 300-pound, egg-shaped K5 security robot.

Met museum puts new technologies on display

Night at the information security museum

Museum physical security incidents provide an excellent learning mechanism for information security teams. With that, I’d like to look at three major museum incidents and provide a lesson learned from each for information security...

template c100.00 05 41 00.still001

6 portable keyboards for tech workers on the go writer, Sarah White looks at 6 portable keyboards for IT pros that want a light easy-to-use keyboard that can go anywhere.

Top tools for Windows 10

Experts contend Microsoft canceled Feb. updates to patch NSA exploits

Microsoft may have delayed its February security update slate to finish patching critical flaws in Windows that a hacker gang tried to sell.

3 patches

Microsoft kills off security bulletins after several stays

Microsoft this week retired the security bulletins that for decades have described each month's slate of vulnerabilities and patches for customers.

robot attack

Researchers developing autonomous robot surveillance

Using a grant from the U.S. Navy, researchers plan to develop autonomous robot surveillance, many eyes with one mind, to "protect you from danger."

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