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Collaboration software is on the move in 2019

The year started off with a bang for several companies that make collaboration software. Here's what's been going on with Microsoft Teams, G Suite and others since the start of 2019.


Mingis on Tech: All about the world of collaboration software

Given the changes in how work gets done these days – in remote offices, by workers on the go, at global companies with employees scattered around the world – collaboration is more important than ever. Here's a look at where things...

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Need for collaboration among security, privacy professionals extends beyond GDPR

We live in times of promising digital transformation, with AI, blockchain and an array of IoT devices among the technologies capable of positively impacting our personal and professional lives. Yet, enterprises need to mitigate the...

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Collaborative security

We have far too closed of a mindset when we handle security problems.

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How information sharing in security and intelligence can benefit your organization

As security and intelligence professionals, it’s our duty to help protect our organizations and our communities from the countless threats and adversaries they face.

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